Harry styles... My brother!?!

Emily is a 18 year old girl who lives in an orphanage... She looks a lot like Harry styles... And everyone thinks she's Harry styles sister... But is she....

Read on to find out..x


1. chapter 1

Emily's POV:

Hey I'm Emily. I don't know my surname. And yes as you might have guessed I live in an orphanage. Miss lovely(the owner of the orphanage) tells me that I came here when I was 4 years old so I don't really know anything about my past!

I have beautiful green eyes and brown curly hair. Everyone says I look a lot like Harry styles from one direction! I don't believe it but I love it when people say that because one direction are the best! I love them soooo much! They are my idols. I like Niall Horan the most he has the most gorgeous blue eyes.

Oh yeah before I forget... I'm 18. I'm the second eldest from the whole orphanage! I've been here longer than any of the other girls. I hope I get adopted soon! I'm getting tired of just staying here in this orphanage and not being able to go out!

But I'm soooo excited for today... Miss lovely says that some famous people are going to come and adopt someone. So my hopes are up for today!

I am wearing a tank top with black leggings and my hightops. I am just going to keep my hair on the side because it doesn't need curling. I'm wearing some foundation, eye liner and lip gloss.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention... I have a best friend called Amelia but I call her amy. I love her sooo much she has been with me all the time. She loves one direction just as much as I do.

Anyway I'll talk to you later miss lovely is calling me...x


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