Ask Disney!

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  • Publiceret: 28 feb. 2014
  • Opdateret: 5 jun. 2014
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Every disney character is waiting for you too ask them questions! About anything.. (Dont get too wild guys) just comment or mumble your comment to who you want it to be to and I will try and get them done :D


1. A/N


I am really Excited about this ..... but

I cannot do it without YOU

So if you have a Question For any Disney animated, or Disney Channel Star, 

It can be Any Disney character.. ANY

Just leave a comment with your Question and Ta Da! It will be answered.

I am Aware that people have done movellas like this.. But There is not a Disney one.

So please get commenting!

Make it fun.. But It doesn't have to be too Dirty... Please? XD


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