The Basilisk

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  • Publiceret: 20 feb. 2014
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In Harry`s second year at Hogwarts he defeated the basilisk. What he didn't know was that by taking away one life he would save two. Ginny Weasley`s and Alexandria Riddle`s.


1. Transformation

Alexandria`s P.O.V

"Tom please don't make me. I don't want to be like you. I want to be a good person." I pleaded him. He wanted to be the most powerful wizard in the world and he wanted me to do the same. "If that's your choice then you will pay the price." He said. "Harashina Itimbai." "Tom no don't do this . There are other ways than this."' I said feeling pain as Tom`s spell affected me. Suddenly I was lying on the floor. He`d used the basilisk spell. He turned me into a basilisk. Over time he forced me into going out and killing anyone who looked me in the eye. I only went out when the chamber of secrets was opened by Tom the heir of Slytherin. This year he was going to get complete control over a student's mind and make them set me free. He used his old school diary to control them. It was 2003 now and I have spent 53 years in the chamber. When someone killed the basilisk I would be set free from the spell Tom had put on me many years ago. I would still be 12 the same age I was when I was transformed by Tom. I hopefully will still be able to carry on at Hogwarts. Over all of the year's I`'ve been here each day and night I think about being free from the spell. After I was put in Gryffindor Tom wasn`t the same. He was put in Slytherin. We used to be best buddies and now we're not. We weren't the same after the sorting. There was always a glitch in our friendship. That glitch was Tom`s greed for power that he had since we got our letters for Hogwarts. We never argued until that one time when I got turned into a basilisk. He created horcruxes that kept him alive. I managed to send a message to Abaforth Dumbledore. I knew he could help me. Abaforth told me that this year I would be set free. Abaforth was my social worker. I would always get into trouble big time. But then Tom left little.Hangleton after I didn't come home that year. Then my parents died. I had no-one until Tom came back and said that this year I would kill someone again. One year Tom Forced me to kill Moaning Myrtle. The ghost that now haunts the old girls bathroom. That's where she died. I never wanted to kill her but whenever Tom speaks to me in parseltounge I do whatever he wants me to. Only Tom can control me because he was the one that used the spell on me. I wish that wasn't the case. If it was I never would of killed or hurt anyone.

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