My bestfriend

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  • Publiceret: 20 sep. 2014
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" Goodbye I love you nialler” I said before I jumped he need someone better to love I wasn't worthy to be his princess I would just hurt him again but I will always love him with all my heart. "I love you” I whispered falling to my death I heard him yell for me but I was already gone.


1. I'm Alissa

Hi I'm Alissa and this is my story my mother had just gotten the news that she had cancer right after my brother john went in to the war cause he and our best friend got in to A fight. we told him not to leave but he did we cried for months and then we got his uniform they told us we had that he had died he was shot in the heart. it was so sad and mother she was getting sicker and sicker and she told me she was sending me to live with our best friend Niall know what you're thinking right now and yes Niall Horan from one direction.

I looked around for Niall he was nowhere to be seen “ALISSA" I heard somebody behind me I turned around and I saw Niall coming at me full speed. Screeched as I hit the ground with niall on top of me we both instantly blushed I saw people staring “uh Niall people are staring at us” I said awkwardly he blushed his face was all red like a tomato "Oops ?’’ He blushed “nothing to see here people" I called out to them when Niall was off of me. They scattered like bugs we left the airport on our way to his house. (


sorry if it's bad it's my first story and it would mean a lot if some one liked or favorites thanks — Janelle😄

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