No one there

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  • Publiceret: 3 feb. 2014
  • Opdateret: 3 feb. 2014
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1. No one there

She's walking down the street barefooted and with at smile on her face.
Seeing people around her, but she just don't care.
She's so young, carrying her bag full if worries and memories.
Her shoulders hurting so much she almost can't breathe.
Every step she takes feels like a year of feelings and age, so young she haven't found her self.
She feels it when the glass goes trough her foot, she bites her lip and a tear on her cheak but she dosn't care, she dosn't care.  it isn't even close to the pain, when she think's about it, knowing that shes gonna sit there a long time, where no one is gonna help her get it out"

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