Terrible things i've experienced

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  • Publiceret: 3 feb. 2014
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Terrible things i've experienced

The feeling i get from walking down the street
That feeling that everyones eyes are looking at me.

She looks in the mirror and sees something we don't 
She is the kind of girl
That little perfect girl 
But her secrets are plenty
And the problem is 
That perfect little girl
 she can't see it herself

You don'tknow how it's like when
You get all cought up in your fantasy
It feels like you are drugged on weed

You don't know how it feels to be eaten by a dinosaur
And you can't get your breath no more

Imagine this little girl sitting all alone
that little girl 
with a hategroup as big 
as her school.

The little girl you hurt yesterday 
and the year before that 
You hear she's in a hospital bed
Trying to escape
The world the fear the pain the tears
How can you still don't see
What you did to me.

She is at the doctor and he says 
that she's good to go
She is thinking for herself
Oh, like he would know

Drugs and health and food on the table 
If you have a table

We don't understand her
 and for that she is weird
Min elskede kæreste!<3

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