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Scared of letting go


1. I want you, with all the hate

I couldn't let a word out, so scared that as soon as I opened up my mouth, the words would come tumbling out, in a steady stream of something that would not make any sense.

But I needed him to know, I had to make sure that he knew. So as I opened up my mouth to say those three words, something happened. Something unexpected, you tuned around, you turned your back on me. I sat there, all by myself. Just losing it. Wanting to hug you. Kiss you. But you didn't care? Then my eyes opened up for the truth; you knew I loved you, you just didn't care. It hit me like a knife, right trough my chest. And as the blood started running, the pain became unbearable, I wanted you.

It became an obsession, cause I wanted you, no matter what. I wouldn't care if you hated me? Even that part of you that hated me, cared for me. I knew it, it had too.

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