Schoolarship application

Dette er min engelskstil fra terminsprøven i 9. klasse, som jeg fik 12 for.


1. Schoolarship application

Scholarship application

   - Bundoora High, Adelaide, Australia


Dear Headmaster of Bundoora High

My name is Julie and I am sixteen years old. I live in Denmark, Europe.

I’ve always had a dream about going to school in an English-speaking country and I thought that this would be a great opportunity. I really like the language and I am very good at speaking it, too. If I could choose between being a Dane and being Australian I would definitely choose to be Australian.

At the moment I am going to school at Skovbyskolen, which is the local school where I live. I’m in the 9th grade. I have a lot of friends and I get good grades. My favourite subjects are Danish and English. When I’m at home I speak English to myself. Quite weird but it’s good practise.

I would simply love to take a school year at Bundoora High because I am – in some way – related to Australia. My aunt and uncle live in the state of Victoria and one of my two cousins live in Adelaide. My aunt and uncle moved to Australia in 1987 and they have lived there since. They are both Danes and when there is no one around, they speak Danish to each other. My eldest cousin speaks a little bit of Danish but my youngest cousin doesn’t. My Mum has been to Australia twice but I have never been there before.
My aunt has told me about how wonderful Australia is and I’ve wanted to go there since I was ten years old.
Australia is also a very fascinating country with a very charming nature. I’ve always wanted to see its wildlife. Many people say that it’s fantastic.   

A school year in Australia could give me self-confidence and courage. Not that I’m insecure or something, it’s just that I need to try and stand on my own feet.

I really hope that I will be chosen. This is my chance to show what I am made of. I know that I can do it and I will keep my fingers crossed until I know if I get in or not.





Julie Haüser Petersen


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