The Diary of Luna Potter

Luna Potter, Harry Potter's granddaughter heads for Hogwarts with high expectations. But they are crushed when Salazar Malfoy ( Draco Malfoy's grandson) starts spreading dark rumors about her. She find solace in the library, until she finds a book entitled Riddle Family Tree. She learns of Tom Riddle's twin sister, Della who is a thousand times more powerful then Voldemort, a million times more evil, and set on revenge.


1. Heading For Hogwarts

I am so excited to go to Hogwarts this year! I finally get to go after my big brother, Fred (Who was apparently named after a friend of my grandfather, Harry.) Started 2 years ago. I have it all planned out. I'll get to Hogwarts, be put in Gryffindor by the sorting hat, and become the most popular girl at Hogwarts! It's the perfect plan since my dad, Albus became a famous Auror, and my grandpa is the most famous wizard in the whole wide world!!!

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