My Baker Boy

[Book 1 of My Baker Boy Series] Diana Garcia has a pretty normal but lonely life. But after moving to Indianapolis and meeting her two best friends, she gets the opportunity of her life. She gets to live with another family across the ocean for 6 weeks during the summer. Why? Well, it's to teach her about independence from her family. She doesn't find out about the family until she has a vision of them. What she doesn't know is that she becomes in love with a curly-haired stranger. Will she meet this guy? Or will her visions start to fail her?
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1. Introduction

Hello! I'd like to say that this is my first One Direction fan fiction so please don't judge and bear with me. I'd like to dedicate this to my friend Chelsea because without her, I wouldn't be such a big 1D fan. This is also dedicated to Sarah, another best friend I can't live without. :)

Anyways...Hope you enjoy!~


June 11, 2009

Beep beep beep. Beep beep beep. Beep-

Ugh. Stupid alarm clock. Just Give me five more minutes...wait it's 6:45...OMG I HAVE TO GET READY FOR MY FLIGHT!!! As I realize this, I fall out of bed. Dang, I'm a heavy sleeper sometimes...

   Hi my name is Diana Marie Garcia. I'm 15 years old. I have long, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and I'm about 5' 5. I don't have any siblings, but I have my loving parents. I'm not sure what nationality I am because my parents are both adopted. Guess I'm just American...

   I love art and I especially love to draw. If you ever ask my parents, I'm always doing something creative. I love to cook, play guitar, and my favorite sport is soccer. Oh, and I have two very good friends that I love so much! That's pretty much it about me...

   Anyways about that flight...

A few months back, my parents said we were moving to Indianapolis because my dad got a promotion. By the way, my dad is a skilled architect and my mom is a psychologist. Someday, I want to be an architect too and minor in psychology. Yeah, pretty corny I pick the careers my parents have...but as I was saying, I was thrilled to move because me being a California girl, I didn't really fit in with people down here in Nashville, Tennessee. It's not that I have a problem with the people, I just don't have anything in common with them.

After we moved, I met my two best friends, Chelsea and Sarah. We have so much in common. Now that I think about it, they're like sisters to me. We have fun together, and there's that special bond between us that can't be broken. Oh I'm side-tracking again! Let me tell you the story of this flight while I get ready for it. Besides, I got 3 hours to kill before I actually go to the airport...

May 31, 2009...The day that changed my life forever. Well, it was a typical Wednesday at North Central High School. GO PANTHERS!! Actually, it was the last day of my freshman year.Then I got called down to my guidance counselor Mrs. Flowers.

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