Ghostly Love

"Pale as white roses, clear as the sky. Hiding from people, but these are just lies. Ghost aren't just scarers, they have a heart. Nice, kind, and cheeky! Or mean hearted fools. But one of those ghosts have a very small heart. Seeing what you do, YOU are the one." Sammy Monteal is a young, smart orphan girl who always TRIES to follow orders. A fake smile, fake personality, and fake curiosity. But when she's alone, or when she THINKS she's alone, she tries to forget about anything that happened in the day and does anything she wants in her free, "alone" time. But when will she figure out that there is a certain "someone" who watches her every move...unseen?

Forfatteren har bedømt denne movella som gul, hvilket betyder at det er upassende for brugere under 13 år.
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