1D IMAGINES! *Hatius*

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  • Publiceret: 22 dec. 2013
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Hi guys! I'm going to be writing one direction imagines , readers request.
Begin commenting! ~Nikki~


1. Begin requesting :)

A/N: When I wrote these imagines I was very young and was new to the writing world. I'm sorry that the imagines are very cliche and badly written, as I said I had no experience in writing. It was just something I did for fun and to get my mind of things. So I want to sincerely apologize for my bad grammar, writing, ideas, and punctuation. I promise you I am better at it now, I swear I am. I have learned so much on this site, so I am no longer a cliche, bad grammar writer anymore. If you wish to continue to read after this message please feel free to, but don't say I didn't warn you. xoxo ~Nikki~




Hey guys! I'm going to be writing one direction imagines , readers request. This is what you have to do Comment.



Look: (eyes, hair, styles etc.)


Fav guy:

Type: (Happy, funny, sweet, sad, drama ect.)

Also you need to tell me what you want to happen. Just a small plot of what you want.
I DO NOT WRITE DIRTY ONES! Sorry but I'm not good at writing dirty imagines :(
Also you don't have to but, I'd favorite this movella so whenever your chapter is published you'll get a notification.

I'll work on them as soon as possible. They will be up quick because I'm on a 2 week Christmas Break and don't really have anything planned :)


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