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  • Publiceret: 25 dec. 2013
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When Savannah wins four tickets to a 5 Seconds Of Summer concert featuring One Direction how will she react when she sees the look in Liam patens eyes towards her versus the look Ashton Irwin gives her, will she choose Liam or Ashton, or will they choose for her? What happens when Savannah is kidnapped by Luke Hemings and Zayn Malik?


1. Ticket winner

Savannah's p.o.v.


there is no way I am winning this contest, I mean look at how many people are our contestants" I stammer, preparing to go up onstage to perform, I have my own band with my three best friends, I am the lead singer, Valerie is bass guitar, Jackie on drums, and Hannah lead guitar, we are the last band to join the contest, to win you had to either be in a band or solo, we are motioned onto stage


"We'll do fine" Hannah says shoving, we are playing the acoustic version of "Gotta Get Out" by 5sos


"I hope so" I reply shaking as we walk to the chairs out on stage, I look out into the crowd and spot my friend Sam who showed up for support, he sits with our friend maximus


"now give it up for The Lovely Demons!" The host says and the cloud roars, there are at least five hundred people here, once Hannah starts us off everyone quiets down, once I start singing I become less and less afraid, by the middle if the song I stand up and walk around a bit as I sing, Valerie and Hannah follow me to the edge if the stage but Jackie who plays our drums

"We just gotta get out" the last words sang into the mic followed by the biggest applause I heard all afternoon, my heart races as four boys stand up from the third row, I look at them in disbelief, Luke leads Calum Michael and Ashton onto stage, then five boys step out from behind stageHarry Niall Louis Liam and Zayn, we are surrounded by our favorite pop stars in front if hundreds of people, they each give the four if us hugs and I practically die inside when Ashton kisses my head


they smile at us and Liam takes the mic from my hand

"well this is going to be a hard choice but all nine of us have decided who will get the tickets to our concert in three weeks" Ashton grabs the mic "oh my bloody hell every body give it up for the lovely demons" my heart stops and I get dizzy, Hannah hugs me so tight when she lets go I collapse, a hand lands on my shoulder and scares the living hell out of me, I turn to see Ashton smiling huge and offers hand, I take it and he pulls me to my feet, Zayn hands the four of us out tickets and leads us backstage


Ashton's p.o.v.



as we lead the girls backstage all the other girls are really disappointed, I take time in hugging all if them and tell them they did great, it seems like they feel better but are still sad, I walk down to likes dressing room where they took the girls, as I walk in Calum picks me up and tosses me down on the couch next to the girl who sang lead


"Ashton I saw the way you looked at her you like her don't you?" Harry says and they all look at me, I feel my face completely flushes and is look down, the three other girls jump around


"awe that's so cute" the squeal, the girl laughs and wraps her arms around my waist and catches me off guard, I hug her back acting normal


"you do!"Luke shouts and everyone smiles in our direction, and I realize I am still hugging the girl, I quickly let go embarrassed and stand up, but Niall pushes me back down


"you should introduce yourself Ashton" the girl laughs and pulls her feet onto the couch, I look at her


"I'm Ashton Irwin nice to meet you" I hold out a hand, she takes it firmly


"I'm Savannah Herrings"   She says, savannah is such a pretty name


"now that you know each other you should go on a date"


"Harry says, I laugh and calum jumps onto my lap and Michael jumps on Savannah's lap, she laughs, I love her laugh so much


Savannah's p.o.v.


after Michael jumps onto my lap Harry zayn and Niall jump in my lap too. Then Luke Liam and Louis jump in Ashton's lap, my friends just stare at us with the funniest looks


"my legs are numb" I giggle, Jackie Valerie and Hannah laugh their heads off, the boys laugh too, which makes me push all of them off and onto the floor


"Mine too get off" Ashton says in his sweet accent and pushes everyone off of him, then the door swings open and a loud gunfire fills the room and I look over at Ashton, who has a whole in his stomach

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