The Black Bird *Black Butler 2 fanfic*

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  • Publiceret: 9 dec. 2013
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1. Chapter One

I walked down the street of England.  I could hear the wind whistling lightly in my ears.  It seemed to hum a song with a toilsome beat.  So difficult to understand.  I walk these streets Often.  Very Often, that sometimes I get lost in thought and cannot find a way to get back to reality.  Sometimes even, I fight my way out of my imagination and end up at a mansion, which was destroyed a very long time ago.


Long ago, around the time Queen Victoria ruled, there was a child.  Around the age of his teen years, he had become the head of the family due to his parents untimely death.  Fire rising through dark smoke.  He was the what people called, "The queens guard dog".


Sadly, that's all I know about him.  I don't understand why I keep going to this place.  It's not very pretty.  Where the mansion was burned down, there is a bald spot in the grass.  Some things from it are still here.  A lot of times I've went through the stuff that should have been turned to ash, but this time, going through dark chairs and portraits, I noticed a cellar door and opened it.  I looked in and noticed that everything was almost perfectly okay.  I went down the creecky stairs and that's where I met them.....




Sorry this was so short ;-; The next chapter will get into the story a little bit more

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