Christmas in Panem

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  • Publiceret: 8 dec. 2013
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Katniss and Peeta's children meet Santa while he's delivering the gifts in Panem.


1. Willow (POV)

We live in a fancy cabin. Two floors, three bedrooms and four Mellarks. I am Willow, the oldest of the two children. I was born seven years ago and my brother five. I look after him like a second mother, he is one of my only friends. It's not that everyone at school hates me, I just don't like speaking much. My brother, Rye, on the other hand, won't stop talking. He speaks to everyone and they always listen. This is one of the many ways that we reflect our parents. I also like to hunt with my mum while Rye likes to bake with our dad. Personality wise, I am just like my mum, brave and awkward around people. Looks though, I am like my father, blue eyes, strong jaw, nose, lips, ears. I do however, have my mum's dark hair.

In winter my family thrive. The smell of spicy loaves and gingerbread cookies cooking is enough to make anybody happy. Not to mention the warmth from our fire and the Christmas tree that sits in the corner. We always decorate the tree with red and gold ribbons. Dad goes to get them from a friend a long way away. I found an old map once, it had numbers on it. I had looked at it for ages and in the end from things like mountains and the fence I worked out where we were, right on the border of 12 and 13. There was little symbols too. One had a needle and thread and said textiles, I think that means fabric. That had an 8, I am pretty sure that's where the ribbon is from. It's certainly not from around here. Our little symbol was a pick axe, a train track and a hat. It said mining and the teacher said that's what people used to do, mine for coal. I don't believe her. All that's around here are meadows of flowers. 

Also on our tree there are strings of beads. The best bit about the tree though is when we come running down the stairs on Christmas day it’s and surrounded by presents.

Mum and dad say it’s all to do with a man called Santa who has a white beard and wears fancy clothes. He sounds a bit like a bad man they told us about at school, an old president, President Snow. When I told mum this she started walked away, I think she was crying. I tried dad and he looked very sad. He said that Santa wasn't a bad man and that I shouldn't worry. I believed my dad, he didn’t lie, anyway, Santa gave me gifts.

I asked my teacher if we always had a Christmas and how it started. Her response was “Your a very smart girl Willow, you always have good questions.” And I am smart, I knew that she was avoiding giving me an answer so I asked again, she had to tell me. “It started about twenty-three years ago.” I am seven so that as way before me. As a child I replied what we all do at my age, “But why?” She didn’t really know, I remember her face clearly as she told me it was the end of a war, a magical man wanted to cheer everyone up. That obviously instantly made me want to know what war but I could tell she was fed up. I had sat down to think, in that lesson, and come to the conclusion that the war she was talking about was The Hunger Games. No one ever really said what happened but I got the idea that until I was much older I wasn't going to find out. I knew that Mum and Dad had been in them, a game where people kill each other, but I didn't know much more.

That was a few weeks back. Now I am in my bed, all snuggled up waiting for morning to come, to fly down those stairs again. But I hear a noise, long before I even close my eyes. It wasn't a scream from mum or dad, (they get bad nightmares) it was a thud. Someone was in the house. I was going to find out who.

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