That One Person


1. That One Person


                      I started the morning out as usual, woke up, took a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast and hopped on my bike and biked the 4 kilometres, as I always do. I entered the school, found the classroom I was supposed to be in and found a place to sit, by a table, as I do Monday to Friday every week. Then she walked in the door, as she does a few minutes later than me Monday to Friday every week. She was cheerful and smiley, even though she had nothing to be happy about. It was in the morning. It was dark outside and slightly raining and our physics lesson started in five minutes. There was nothing to be happy about. She did as she does every morning. Went around the class and forced everybody no matter how good friends they were into the mandatory hug and as she does every morning her round of mandatory hugs ended next to me and she said good morning in her really thick accent, which makes it hard to figure out if she is saying something in English or speaking a language she picked up, when she visited Mars last summer and then I was forced into the mandatory every-single-morning-hug. I tried not to roll my eyes, because people seem to find that offensive, when they notice it and then you are left in an awkward situation of explaining why you rolled your eyes.

                      She placed herself on the chair next to mine and in that moment our physics teacher entered the room and asked the class to quiet down. I sat ready to start the lesson with my notepaper and a pencil, but of course she had only just sat down and had not found her notebook and pencil yet, which meant that she threw her bag on the table and loudly fumbled around in her huge bag and made so much noise and distracted me from listening to what seemingly was an important message from the physics teacher, but how would I know when she would not stop fumbling around like she had been told, that she could get into Guinness world record book for most disturbing classmate looking for notepaper, if she continued.

                      Finally she found her little notebook, which was covered in drawings. It was like she wanted it to make her seem creative and artsy, but it only came off as messy in my opinion. Now it was round two of fumbling around, because she of course had to find that one pencil in the forest of pencils in her pencil case.

            I was pretty irritated at that point. It was not like having physics did not bother me enough, she had to be noisy and annoying next to me too, just to make my day worse. She was just overly happy now. Just sitting smiling at the teacher talking about something I knew I would never use for anything except from in physics class. She was just too happy. It seemed as if, she was not really happy, but it was just a façade that she had decided to put on, when she was at school to seem friendly. Fake happiness.

 In reality she was just pretending. She was trying to live in this fantasy world of stupid little bunnies living on the rainbow of life, spending their time and sharing their candyfloss, which they collected from the stream of luck. That was how happy she looked like she was. She was one of the stupid bunnies with the candyfloss and she wanted to share her candyfloss with all of us, but nobody wanted it, because we had physics and were too busy trying to understand density and buoyancy to think about candyfloss.

Finally the awful physics module was over and I could leave the stinking classroom and the candyfloss bunny, but wait no. She followed me talking about the homework she had to do for tomorrow’s math class, which I had no desire or wish to hear about, so I pretended to listen and headed for the toilets. At least she would not follow we into the stall. When I came out from the toilet, she was of course waiting for me. I was not able to shake her off and we went to the next class together, which meant that we once again sat next to each other.

This was art class, which I was probably one of my favourite classes, because we did not have to do much. It was one of those classes where, if you wanted to, you could get something out of it and if you did not feel like concentrating and talking about the different types of street art, you could do your own thing and sit quiet and nice, just pretending like you actually cared.

The thing was that this was one of her favourite classes too, so she was constantly smiling as always and constantly raising her hand, in her hopes of seeming even more like an art genius. We had art presentations today, which meant that people had to do even less, than they usually did.

She was in the second group that presented their project. When it was her turn, she walked up overly confident, which looked like she was almost tripping over her own feet and about to fall face down, because her own confidence was in her way, but she managed to get in front of the class without falling and just when one of the other girls in the group, was about to start the presentation, she was interrupted and overly confident with enormous hand movement that resembled her trying to explain how big our planet is compared to a grass straw and her accent kicked in. Her accent made it hard to figure out if she was actually able to speak normal English and like all English words was a part of a never-ending tongue twister. She was able to speak for minutes and say something, which could have been said in one small sentence, because she could not find the right word or if it was too hard to pronounce, she would try to get around it, but it did not seem like she cared or took into consideration that her explanation of a street artist, took four times as long as anyone else in the group, she just kept going and repeating herself several times, until she finally felt like she was done explaining the world situation.

It was like this all the time. I had to be in the same class as her for hours every single day. With her wanting to be the most happy person in the world and trying to come of as friendly and creative.

She sat down next to me again. Of course smiling. I was so annoyed with her and she just kept on smiling and breathing. It was so annoying!

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