Story Of My Life

*MY strory for the Story OF MY Life Comp.*
Enjoy Friends!

1. Hi!

 I'm Diamond. I have nine dogs, I recently had eleven but Taco Belle and Russian died,Cue sad face. My dogs names are Simba,Mama, Sydney, Peaches, Lucky, Sam, Rigby, Nemo and Sketchy. I also have three cats: Lion i, Kitty and Lion ii. Well anyway I ave one really annoying brother, a mother and a father. I lik writing, I'm really  I M A G I N A T I V E! Seriously, I'm glad you can't even have a glimpse of my mind, I would be sent to The Nut House. That would be really cool though. 

Where do I live? In a House. What house? The Nut House. Made entirelly of nuts.  I think my spelling sucks. I HAVE A WATTPAD ACCOUNT!I wish I could work in Youtube or something like Google or 
Facebook or Apportable. Those places are really cool. I wanna be a director. I would make movies about people going to Pluto or something in a couple years.

Someone should invent a computer that is totally voice operated. Computer, how do you spell crackers. C R A C K E R S. Thank you. You are Welcome, Diamond. Mannerly. I am really short and look innocent but DO NOT let that fool you. I can curse you to hell and back and throw a punch like Chuck Norris' daughter. I seem really fearless.

I am totally loyal to my friends. You hurt them, I punch you. Simple as that. I also wish I could have a pet horse or snake. I am really smart. You jealous! I know you are. I love travelly, water parks and rollercoasters. I actually love anything to do with water, rivers, beaches, swimming, water slides. They are amazing.

This is getting kinda boring like a BOOMERANG so I'll get ready to go. I love all geres of music. I love music. I love all animalks but some bugs. If I had a super power, I would shape shift. I'm kinda gothic, kinda girly, kinda tomboy and kinda everything. I fit no where. 

I like that, I can be anyone. I'm in the Drama club, Enviromental club and in Zumba. I love Horror movies and Halloween. I love gifts, electronic mostly. I am addicted to my computer. I love converse. So well this is about over enough so.

Bye Sweet Llamas of Movellas





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