Forsaken (Færdig)

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  • Publiceret: 22 nov. 2013
  • Opdateret: 22 nov. 2013
  • Status: Igang
Det er en engelsk stil jeg skulle skrive for ikke så længe siden. Jeg har flere gang fået at vide, at jeg skal udgive den så det vælger jeg at gøre. Jeg skulle skrive om et billede, så jeg gav det mit bedste skud.
Den er dog på engelsk.


1. Forsaken

(Billedet jeg skulle skrive ud fra)




Catharina was on her way home from school, and had to go with the train for the long ride. She had almost put on her headset, when her boyfriend called her. But it wasn't his voice. Instead it was her best friend Mary's voice in the phone. But instead of the friendly and sweet tone Mary always used when Catharina and Mary talked, Mary's tone was hard and cold. 

“Hey Cat guess what! Ryan don’t want to be together with you any more!” 
Catharina was silent. She knew there had been rumours about Ryan having an affair with some other girl, but Catharina did not want to believe the rumours, and had ignored them. Mary just continued her talk. 
“Ryan and I talked about you two, and he is actually tired of being together with you. So now Ryan and I are together! Isn’t that great!?”
Catharina couldn’t say a word. She arrived at the train station and looked over at the board where it was showed which train would be next. She could hear Mary talking about Ryan and her, but Catharina didn’t listen. She just walked down to the train tracks, faraway in her thoughts. And because Mary just kept talking and talking, Catharina hung up the phone and put her phone in the light blue shopping bag. When she came down to the tracks, she sat down at one of the pillars. She didn't know what to think. She felt empty, and alone, but also relieved because now she didn't need to worry about Ryan and the rumours. However she'd wish that it had been her, who had broken up with Ryan, and not the other way around. That bastard. He is not worth it! Just... Forget about him. He doesn't deserve you think about him. She was thinking to herself. But truth was she really had loved him, and he had just seen her as a toy. Catharina struggled to hold the tears back. She decided to forget him, and she'd get over him. Now she just had to wait for the train.

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