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  • Publiceret: 16 nov. 2013
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1. Harry style : interview om dig (engelsk)

skal lige siges at jeg har set den her inde på youtube:



interview talking about u

interviewer: how's you relationship with (Y/N)?

harry: she is always there for me, which is amazing because i'm most of the time on tour and everything. But she really knows how to make me feel like i'm always home, and she can really put a smile on my face in every situation.

interviewer: what's her worst habit?

harry: she makes me watch ''Shrek'' like 10 times in 2 months, and she's always fall... asleep.

interviewer: what do you love the most about her? 

harry: I think.... Her smile... is just stunning!

(liam says ''you still have her lipstick'')

harry: he is probadly right.. yep definatley is!! sorry back to what we were talking about.

interviewer: what's the worst thing you can do to annoy her?

harry: i'm so annoying!! i have the need to constantly tickle her when she is sad, and she hates it...

interviewer: how about you leave her a cute message?

harry: Hey (Y/N)!! I know you're probadly on your way back home now, but when you see this remind yourself that you're beautiful and i love you.


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