The Witching Hour

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  • Publiceret: 9 nov. 2013
  • Opdateret: 9 nov. 2015
  • Status: Igang
Eliza Callan has felt lonely and depressed since her beloved mum passed away.

She's living with her aunt Katia, who is trying hard to help her deal with her grief, but nothing she tries seems to have any effect.

Until the day Katia tells her a shocking secret, that her mum was a Witch that she is also a Witch and that witchcraft has been in their family since before the Witch trials.

Katia tells Eliza she will teach her all the spells and secrets to being a witch. Will Eliza understand what her mum was, what her aunt and grandmother are.

WIll she follow in the family footsteps, will she even want to once she learns the truth about how her mum really died.

The hour may soon be at hand for this new young witch. Will she rise to face the challenges ahead, or will she fall. Before she fully understands what she can become.


1. Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

Eliza sat on the windowsill holding the urn with the ashes of her beloved mum Zara inside.


She was staring out at the rain pouring down and the sound of thunderclaps every few minutes.


Completely oblivious to the fact that the weather beyond the yard of the home where she now lived with her aunt Katia was a beautiful summers day.


It wasn't lost on aunt Katia that the mood Eliza was in was causing the rain and thunder right outside their door, that it was following days of several inches of snow fall and followed by a mini outbreak of raining toads. In comparison thunder and rain was a welcome relief.


Luckily the neighbours had understood, they understood she was just a girl grieving the loss of the only parent she'd ever truly known.


They might not be as understanding if her grief caused the freak weather bursts to move into their own back gardens or if she developed even half the powers of witchcraft her mother had, that she could surely grow to become one of the most powerful witches not just in their little coven but across the whole world.


Katia knew she would just have to be the one to deal with that if it happened.


Now all she had to hope was that she could not only teach her niece how to use her power, but to use it responsibly, otherwise there could be hell to pay if she turned evil.


Something that could happen if she ever found out that the truth about how and why her mum died or why her mum and dad split up and he left before she was even born.

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