Chickron - A Harry Potter headcanon story

First of all, yes. I have seriously written this. Due to suggestions from you guys!
If this is the first thing you've ever seen written by me then please! Do check out my other things also :') The Harry Potter ship of 'Chickron' is I assure you, an unusually popular and hilarious one. Feel free to suggest more ships that you would like to see! :P


1. A tasty, tasty meal.

     Ron stared at the sumptuous sight before him. His eyes glistened as he gazed in awe.

     As if in slow motion, he began to force his arm downward nearer and nearer towards the heavenly object.

     He didn't want to touch it. It was too beautiful, too elegant to move.


     But then, as always with Ron, his stomach growled fiercely with impatience and he dived down to his plate where the delicious, succulent chicken lay waiting for him.

     Yes, this was the moment Ron had been waiting for all day. Forget the fun of watching Seamus set his hair alight in Charms. Forget playing dares in Potions and howling with laughter when Snape slammed a book over Harry's head when he got caught.

     The taste of the soft, juicy chicken was enough to put anyone in a dreamy trance. That very chicken leg was indeed the one, true highlight of Ron's day.

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