A Spotters Guide To Hiltasie (Draft)

This is my fist movella so I'm still getting used to this way of writing.
Hiltasie is a fictional country on a fictional planet. It is not quite medieval as we know it, but it has got some medieval qualities to it. Remember this is only the first chapter so it might not be great. Thanks for reading and please leave comments about what you thought


1. First Things First

(Chapter by Tom)


The first thing you or anyone else will see is the sea. This is the first thing you will see because the only way to get to Hiltasie is by boat. You could fly, but as humans,elves nor dwarfs have learnt to fly that's highly unlikely. Anyway, the second thing you will see is probably more sea as their is a lot of sea surrounding Hiltasie - which is probably why the first elves named it "Land of The Sea"*. Finally, after several days on a boat you can just start to make out the great Guitmars that surround the center of the island. Be warned, many poets have been so inspired by the first sight of these colossal mountains that they went totally insane - and eventually died because of it.    


*this is, as you can probably guess, an extremely rough translation. This is because pronouncing elfish words without actually being an elf is impossible. Also elves would never call something as stupid as land of the sea.   



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