say when

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  • Publiceret: 10 okt. 2013
  • Opdateret: 19 apr. 2014
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Catharine Grim wasn't your typical girl, she never could be no matter what life she choose. she's running away from the possibility of the police putting her in an orphanage, like I said before she isn't your typical girl she lives on the street and doesn't take help from anyone, she's on her own and no one can help her. she thinks she's fine until a certain blue eyed Irish boy comes to her town and wont stop until she accepts his help and along the way she finds she's experiencing new feeling that she thought weren't possible. will Catherine finally learn to trust someone and take help all she has to do is say when.


1. chapter 1

“your pathetic!” my mother screams at my father, henry “really Avery, come closer to me!” he roars back at her, I open my door a crack so I can look through and see what’s happening, my mother steps closer to my father “I ain’t letting you win!” she yells and then my father pushes her to the floor and I can hear the *thump* and see her fall to floor and a horrified expression plays on my face, I close my door tight and lean against the wooden door. I need to get out of here, I just need to. My breathing is heavy as I take out my old ripped up backpack and zip it open and shove the few pieces of clothing I own inside of it. I take a deep breath and open my door a bit to look and see if my father is near, which he isn’t and I am thankful for that. I open my door wide enough so I can get out and I shove my backpack on and as my feet leave my room I can feel the mess under my feet, I walk slowly and quietly to the living room to see my mother on the floor with her eyes shut, around her are books lying on the floor and the smell of rotten food, I wasn’t going to miss this place, the walls were a gray color that had mold growing on and the floor was crowded with garbage.  I look to my left and then right to make sure the scene is clear and then I make a dash for it to the front door and yank it open not looking back. I can hear the yells of my father “CATHERINE!” but I don’t stop I keep running until I know I’m safe from him and my mother. I begin to walk and look around to see I’m still in the bad part of town which I once called my home but not anymore, I am free and away from those awful people. No more hearing they yell or scream and no more seeing that awful house, it was disgusting there, there was garbage everywhere and no more of the sound of my mother and father getting high off anything they could get their hands on, I’m on my own now, its terrifying but is now my new life.

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