Your Superhero

You spent your teen years loving 5 people who don't even know you exist. You spent it stuck in your bedroom, on a laptop. You sat looking into a screen waiting for the people you love just to come online for a moment. Just to tell them you love them. You were called names, fat, ugly, stupid, worthless. You came depressed but these 5 boys always made you smile again. You never got to meet them. 10 years have past, and finally, Diana, you get to meet them.


1. Chapter 1

It's been 10 years. I remember sitting in my room. Many eyes looked down at me off my walls. Surrounded by posters. I lay across the bed. Face lit up with a screen in front of me. I wouldn't come out of my room for quite a while. I don't think I ever really came out. People never understood why I was in my room so much. I talked with people from different countries, rather than people from my own school. I didn't like school much either. I was called names. Fat. Ugly. Worthless. Fuckup. Stupid. I could go on. They didn't understand me. No one really did. Besides the strangers I spoke to. They didn't really seem like strangers. They were my best friends. I ran home from school just to talk to these people. They made me smile. They made me feel like I could, be me. But the reason I was still alive was because of these five guys. They weren't normal. They made me feel happy. They made me feel pretty. They made me feel good for once. They were my idols. They were my world. They were my everything. I always wanted to meet them. I went to some concerts, just lucky enough to get a glimpse. But I never did. I never got to meet the 5 guys who changed my life. Liam. Harry. Zayn. Louis. Niall.



My name is Diana. I'm now 24. I'm in university studying journalism. I've been at uni for about a year and a half now. I share an apartment with someone for a year now. Her names Georgia. We have a lot in common. Our teen years were kinda alike.


Today's my birthday. I've only got a few calls and texts from family. I never really kept connection with anyone from secondary school. Georgia of course ran into my room at 12:01 this morning to make sure she was first to say happy birthday. We have become really close. She's like my sister to be honest.


Georgia wants to take me out to a club tonight. I don't know if I'll go or not. I just want some cake or something and watch a movie. But when Georgia wants something she finds a way to get it, so I guess I'll be going tonight. 


"Dianaaaaa!" I hear a faint call from the living room. I quickly walk in to find Georgia standing in front of the door with her hands behind her back. She gave a big grin. "Happyyy Birthdayyyy!" She shouted presenting a small box with a pink bow on the top. I smiled and grabbed the box out of her hands. "You didn't have to." I said taking off the bow. "Erm, yeah I did. You're my best friend." I opened the box to find a beautiful silver locket. It said 'Diana' on the outside and I opened it to find a picture of Georgia and I. 


I wrapped my arms around Georgia and hugged her tightly. "Thank you so much." I said. "Anything for my sister." She said hugging me back. I saw the clock from over her shoulder. It was 8:35 and our first class is at 9:00. I released Georgia from my grip and clipped on the necklace. I picked up my book bag up from the corner of the room and walked out of the apartment followed by Georgia.

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