The Principal's Son

Riley Sky goes to Doncaster high, where Principle Jonny was the boss. He had a son though, along with 4 girls. His was Louis Tomlinson, most popular boy in school. What happens when Riley falls for him.

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1. Louis Tomlinson

    Riley's POV
"Another day, another laugh," I sighed walking through the glass doors of Doncaster High. "Hey Ri," Skylar greeted. "Hi Sky," I reply. The bell suddenly rung,"Man that was fast, see you later Ri." I waved and walked to dance class. 
I know typical schools don't have dance classes, but DH does, and that's one reason I love DH. 

I walk through the dance classroom doors, seeing I was like the fourth one there. "Good Morning Mr.Payne," I greet. "Good morning to you too Miss Sky, please get seated while we wait for the others." I nod my head. Mr. Leeroy Payne's my dance teacher, he was very energetic for his age, he even has a son. Liam Payne. In fact, Liam was embarrassed that his dad was a weird dance teacher. Liam was already in class. The other was Zayn, son of Mrs. Veronica Malik, my history teacher. They both look alike, but of course Zayn had more boy features than Mrs.Malik. Another was my best friend Bella, she sat there looking through something on her phone, she was very focused. The two last people were random people I don't know. I sat beside Bella as she looked up,"Hey Riley." "Hi."

I look at the people who walk in. I didn't know any of them, except the last three. Harry Styles, brother of the school's nerd, yet he was so popular. His curly locks made every girl drool over him, I don't that much, I have this other boy in mind. Then there's Niall Horan, son of the Vice Principal, he and Louis were like best friends, practically brothers since their dads were best friends when they were younger. Ahh, there's Louis Tomlinson, son of Principal Jonny and the most popular boy in school, cute and funny, but never talks to people the same level of popularity as me.  He sits down next to Liam. "Ok, let's start class," Mr. Payne announced. He explained to us that he was going to teach us how to 'tut'. 

Wow, Mr. Payne was such a fun teacher, he IS my favourite teacher. 

 Mrs. White, my math teacher, told us that we get a free work period since she was busy catching up to her own work. What should I do now? I finished all my schoolwork AND homework. I shrug and decided to just look through something in my phone. Maybe Twitter. "Hi, Riley right?" I look up and see Louis sitting there. "Yeah," I nod. "I just wanted to invite you to my pool party today after school, at 4:30," He explains. I nod, once again,"Sure, um address?" "Oh here's my number, just text me and I'll pick you up," he winks. I nodded. What's with me and nodding!!! Louis then turns around.

Well this would be fun.


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