You can't save me - A Hayffie fanfiction

Effie isn't really stupid. Haymitch isn't completely drunk. But they've both got one problem. The Capitol Games. And it's not going as planned!
(no major romance scenes, suitable for all ages)
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1. Knives

As I walk down the carriage to find Haymitch I can't help but wonder if he's sober. I do hate it when he's drunk but with the Capitol games coming up soon (that he and Katniss both had a say on) he had become increasingly stressed meaning he was a lot more likely to be drunk. The food carriage door slid open as I approached and as I suspected Haymitch was leaning against the drink trolley filling up his cup. I could tell this must be at least his 5th glass because of the way he leant and how much his arm shook.

I didn't want to walk over to him because as soon as he felt the presence of someone behind him he would have whipped around and kicked me or something else just as terrible. He didn't mean to hurt me, he's just always been so shaken up since he was in the arena. I decided to cough loudly which made him nearly drop his glass so I wasn't surprised by his response.
"Why the bloody hell would you do that!?" He snapped
"I'm sorry but I didn't want you pulling a knife on me again"
His face sank as the memories of that event mixed with being drunk washed over him.

It had been a scenario very similar to today really. He had been filling up his drink, already very drunk, and I had walked up behind him to ask if he was okay after another year of two dead tributes gone because of him. As I was right behind him he realised someone was there and as his natural reaction he drew his knife, that he keeps in his belt, and whipped around catching my cheek. It instantly started gushing blood everywhere including my new pale pink dress. Haymitch freaked as soon as he saw what he'd done and fell to the floor in a heap leaving me to sort something out. I ordered an Avox to grab something to put on my cheek, another to get the train turned around to head back to the Capitol for the Hospital as we were going to District 12, and a third to sort Haymitch out. It ended with Haymitch at the hospital on strong anti-depressant drugs, me needing a lot of surgery on my cheek to remove any chances of scaring and a totally ruined dress.

"I'm sorry, you know I really didn't mean that, you scarred me." He whispered at a barely audible pitch.
"I know" I squeaked back
I went over and spoke to him about the meeting we were going to in the Capitol. Something about the new games and electing game makers and various other jobs.
"Katniss and Peeta will be there... ...they want me to help... ...tributes... ...too many..."
I caught small parts of his rant but I couldn't focus. I was being drawn in by his bright blue eyes. They captivated me the way moths were drawn to light, they twinkled like the sun, they were perfect. 
He pulled me out of my trance
"Are you even listening?!"
"Err... y..yes..s" I stuttered
"I'm going to my room" he huffed
'I'll see you tomorrow then' I thought as he stumbled out of the carriage...

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