i started living inside my stories

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  • Publiceret: 20 sep. 2013
  • Opdateret: 20 sep. 2013
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1. i started living inside my stories

In this life
I'm standing on the treshold to a thousand worlds,
where I can do anything
where there is love and honor and kindness
things I have only ever seen in stories


The world is so cruel
and I'm only holding on
because of the stories in my head
why would you want me to let go?
why would you have me suffer?


I'm standing on the threshold,
peeking into the lives that will never be
apart from in my head.
I never take the step
though I wish I could. 
I cannot, I'm trapped
and so peeking in is my only salvation.

This life,
this pathetic excuse for a life
is only the springboard 
to a million others I'd rather live.

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