Dimensions Shouldn't be Entered

I didn't mean to get lost in my own forest! I especially didn't mean to get my best Friend Alex lost. Nor did I mean to get trapped in another dimension by falling through lets see A FREAKING TREE STUMP! (And I sure as heck didn't want my other best friend Caleb and his best friend Jack to follow.... or leave Dylan in a dimension..... alone).

I didn't mean to meet up with Jasmine Warlord and Sirus Elmore.

Nor did I mean to get thrown into another dimension with Emily Potter, Benjamin Moon and Scarlett Raven!

I especially didn't mean to get magicked into THE DRAGONLORD'S CAMP!!!!!

And I really didn't mean to get sent into lets see DRACONIA!!!!!!! I wasn't planning on meeting Torchwing, Red Rusty or Isabella Moonstone!!!!!!!!!!! Or elves for that matter.....

But I did.... All because of Me.....


1. One hell of a tree stump

Catherine's P.O.V.


"SO I had to re-write the entire thing! I mean can you believe Syd??! God." Alex said ending her story as I paused. I knew where we were a few minutes ago... I mean how quickly can one get lost? I started backtracking and I found that we were even more lost....

"So where are we going Cat?" Alex asked curiously "Home."

"Mkay, we can mess about on my iPad." Alex suggested and I nodded I was probably just being stupid. We probably weren't lost at all. But the more we moved the more we seemed lost and the more I worried. All trees looked alike (no help there) and the paths were different. "Alex you know where we are?" I asked my voice shaking a little

"Noooo.... Why you do know where we are going? Right Cat?" She asked anxiously looking over me. "Well...." I trailed off and gave her an apologetic, guilty smile that answered her question... "Cat!" she moaned and I frowned in a guilty way. "Well it could be worse.... It could be raining." I muttered and Alex rolled her eyes.

"Thank god we're not in a cartoon." she mumbled under her breath and I smiled weakly.

I flipped my pocket knife about in my hand and ran my tongue across my teeth. "Well lets try backtracking I mean we just went up a wooded hill so if we go down we should hit my place!" I said and Alex muttered something about stating the obvious.....

Well we got lost....

"I'm sick of all these freaking spider webs and all the damn trees. I like the forest don't get me wrong but its kind of cold out and I'm 'reptilian'" she hissed and sat down on a stump..... and she fell down it grabbing the back of my shirt in an attempt to pull herself out. I lost my balance and fell backwards down the stump screaming as I fell through darkness....

I hit the ground hard (The ground being Alex). She groaned her voice was muffled but audible "Cat get the crap off of me." 

"Sorry." I apologized and hopped off her she got up rubbing her head.

"Where the hell are we anywho?" Alex said looking about at trees large enough for dragons to hide in. There was  "How the hell should I know?" I hissed looking up and seeing no stump.

"This makes no effing sense." Alex snarled looking about

"Maybe this is a dream or some weird thing our minds are doing to get over the fact we are lost!" I suggested and Alex gave me a "I don't believe you" look. I shrugged, I wasn't in the mood of thinking up a bazillion different possibilities.

"What the heck was that????" Alex asked spinning around "Like I know?" I asked stubbornly flipping open the rusty pocket knife. I got into the bed defensive stance I could and prepared for anything.






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