Silent Love (Larry Stylinson)

Louis was 18 years old, he had 4 younger sisters, Lottie, Fizzy, Phoebe and Daisy. He lived with 5 girls, including his mom. Louis encourages his mom to date, but little did he know, she already was. She was dating a girl, her own gender. When his mom confronts him and tells him she's gay, Louis has something he has to tell her too.

When Louis finds out his mom is gay, and also her, girlfriend, or wife? You could say. Louis also learns she has a son of her own. Harry.

When Louis learns something about Harry, he can't hear, but there is more to it. How will Louis feel about his new brother, and how does Harry feel about all this?


1. Prologue

Louis' POV:

I was watching Daisy and Phoebe running around screaming and chasing each other, honestly, those two can be so loud sometimes. Why can't they just sit still?

Fizzy was reading some book, as always and Lottie was watching the telly

Mum came into the room, she said she had some big news.

I watched as she sat down beside me and immediately faced the girls. "Girls, I have to talk to your brother alone, so could you go to your rooms?" She asked, receiving whines from the twins and groans from the two others. But of course, they did what was told.

As Lottie was exiting the room, she looked my way and smirked, then continued walking, I gave her a confused look but decided to let it slide this time.

Once the girls were out of the room mom turned to me and smiled. I smiled back.

"Honey, I have something important to tell you" I nod, telling her to continue. "Now, I guess I have something to confess to you." She takes one of my hands and squeezes it, I give her a confused look but let her continue. "Sweetie, I'm Gay"

Should I be happy, or sad, or angry, upset? I'm just shocked. Mom, Gay? She likes girls? Weird... But now I feel guilty, I should tell her my secret too, if she had the courage to tell me I should tell her too.

"Sweetie?" She asks and I realize I haven't replied to her.

"I'm happy for you mom!" I tell her, then pause. "Actually, mum, I'm gay too" I confess. I look at my mom and she's smiling, big. At least she's not mad.

"That's wonderful sweetheart! Thank you for telling me!" She says happily, and I smile.

"Your welcome mom, but how did you know you were gay, and who did you like? Are you okay with me being gay, do the girls know and you should go on a date or something." I say all in one breath.

"Slow down, love. Okay let's see...I've known I liked girls for a long time, since high school actually. I liked my best friend in high school and we started talking a year ago and met up again. Then we went on a date and now we're together. Yes I'm okay with you being gay. Yes, I told the girls last week and they actually took it well. And I am dating. I'm dating my best friend from high school, Anne Cox Styles." Mom says, pausing every now and then to breath.

"And how is Anne?" I ask awkwardly.

"What do you mean?" Mom asks, confused.

"What's Anne like?" I clarify.

"Well I've known her since high school and she's always been cheerful, helpful, cheeky you could say, sassy, loving, fun, romantic, funny, sweet, caring and protective. And she still is." Mom tells me.

I smirk, "Mom. I know you love her, but I didn't need to know all that."

"Well you asked and I answered." Mom shrugs nonchalantly.

"How else is she like? Her life?" I ask.

"Well, after high school she and her boyfriend got married and she ran a business, she ran and still runs a bakery. She's moving in with us at our new house we'll be living in. She currently lives in Holmes Chapel, which is a small-ish, nice town, with her son-"

I interrupt her. "Wait she has a son?" I ask curiously. Maybe this won't be half bad, another guy in the house.

"Yes she does. I'll get to him in a minute" Mom says and was about to continue when I interrupt her, realizing something else.

"Wait! We're moving?!" I ask in shock.

"Yes sweetie. I hope you don't mind." Mom gives me an apologetic look. 

I sigh, "it's fine mom."

"Alright anyways, she and her son are moving to our new house later with us. She has two kids. Her older daughter moved out three months ago so it's just her and her son. They are both really sweet." Mom says.

"So what's her son like?" I ask, wanting to know about my soon to be new brother.

"Oh he's a sweetheart!" Mom says enthusiastically. "He's really sweet, and well behaved with manners. Anne says he's a huge help around the house too-" I cut her off by saying,

"Please don't tell me he's a nerd or a clean freak!" I plead.

"No, no. He's not. And that's very rude of you. Even if he were a nerd or a clean freak it wouldn't change a thing about him. And do not judge him like that Louis." She says with a stern look.

I sigh. "Sorry, I won't."

"Good." She smiles and continues. "And just so you know. He isn't a total clean freak, but he's neater than you. Also, he's good in his studies, but no he is not a nerd. He also has glasses" Mom informs me.

I groan. He wears glasses? Why am I even judging this kid so much. I'll judge him after I meet him and talk to him.

"Louis. Are you listening?" Mom asks, bringing me back to reality.

"Sorry, what did you say?" I ask.

"I told you not to judge him. He's really innocent and sweet. I'm pretty sure he's shorter than you too. He's really quite adorable and I'm sure you will fancy him." Mom wiggles her eyebrows at me; I roll my eyes.

I won't fancy everyone I see. But he's shorter than me, maybe he's cute. Mom says he's adorable. So we'll see.

"What's his name and how's he like? His personality? Oh and is he gay or bi?" I ask mom. Blushing after saying the last bit.

"He's sweet, adorable, charming, helpful, cheeky, sassy, fun, intelligent, responsible, caring. He's really funny and he jokes around a lot. But Anne says he knows when to be serious. He's special, in a way. I've met him and he's the cutest thing ever!" Mom gushes with enthusiasm

She continues, "he can be really loud and fun, but sometimes he likes to be alone and is quiet. He used to get bullied in school and Anne said he only had 3 or 4 friends he could trust. His name is Harry. And I remember Anne told me last night that Harry said he's gay." Mom finishes, I nod.

He's gay!! YES!! I won't try anything until I see him though. He seems fun and exciting. I think to myself.

"Oh also," mom trails off, getting my attention. I look at her expectantly.

"Harry's also good with kids. The girls have all seen and met Harry two days ago when you were home and didn't want to go out. Which reminds me, I've been wanting to tell you all this before but you never listened. ANYWAYS, they all met Harry and loved him." Mom tells me.

Now I wish I wasn't so stubborn before. I'll see him soon though. I think. Hope.

"Where's the new house?" I ask curiously.

"It's in a small and safe area. So the girls don't get hurt and can play. It's about 4 hours away from here and it's 8 hours away from where Anne and Harry are. So we're going to leave in 2 hours from now after packing and Harry and Anne are coming at 5 pm. 5 hours from now." Mom explains. I nod.

"Anything else?" I ask. She nods and continues,

"Lottie and Fizzy will be sharing a room, Phoebe and Daisy have a room, Anne and I are sharing and you and Harry are sharing a room," mom says, YES! I'm sharing a room with Harry!!

"And also the house is big. It's huge actually. So you all will like it." I nod.

"Anything else you'd like to know?" Mom asks, I think, then shrug.

"How old is Harry?" I ask, curious, if he's younger than me.

"He's 16, born on February 1st, 1994. He's two and a half years younger than you. Almost 17." Mom says, I smile. That's cute, he's 16.

"What else is there to know about Harry?" I ask mom.

She thinks for a minute then says, "Oh! There is more!" I nod for her to continue.

"Harry can't hear" mom says bluntly, but still has a smile.

Wait!! What does she mean by Harry can't hear? He's death? NOOO!!

"Excuse me?" I ask.

"He can't hear anything." Mom repeats.

"How, why?" I ask.

Mom sighs. "Well, Anne told me he wasn't always like this, he could hear when he was born and all, he lost his hearing in a car accident 6 years ago and was depressed about it for a year. But now he's okay with it." Mom says.

But how is he cheeky and everything if he can't hear. I'm confused.

"Is that all?" I ask.

"No. I also want you to respect Harry. Don't treat him differently because he can't hear. He's quite fragile and sensitive sometimes. Do. Not. Make him feel uncomfortable." Mom tells me sternly.

I sigh and nod. "I promise I'll treat him well mom." She smiles and nods. But I feel like she's hiding something, she's smirking. Weird... Oh well, I won't ask.

"So we're leaving in two hours? So at 4 pm?" I ask mom and she nods.

"Alright, let's go pack! You'll love the new house!" Mom says standing, I smile at her and follow her up the stairs.


Harry's POV, (Two Days Ago):

I'm sitting alone in my room, writing in my journal. I see mom walk in so I close my journal.

Now you may think I can't hear, because I can't. But I can read lips, I can read handwriting, texts and hand signals are fun too.

I've gotten used to not being able to hear. It's been 6 years after all. The doctors said something about surgery to my mom in the hospital for my hearing to come back, but I only heard a bit of it because I was just losing my hearing at the time, it was still there a little. But I didn't tell anyone.

I was depressed through the first year without my hearing. I was only 11 years old but I got depressed. I was scared of everything. I didn't tell anyone about this but, my cousin Liam was the one who helped me and got me happy again. He was with me through it all, comforting me when I was sad. He was the one who convinced me I was okay and I would be. I love Liam to bits for that.

Liam is like a best mate to me. Ever since we were little we considered ourselves as best mates, not cousins. We support each other and care for each other. Niall and Zayn are my other two best mates. I met them both in kindergarten and we've stuck by each other ever since.

Liam, Zayn and Niall are the only ones who know I'm gay. They weren't mad or anything when I told them. They told me they were gay too. Now Niall and Zayn are even dating. I'm happy for them. They've been together for three and a half years now. They confessed their love for each other when Niall was 13 and a half and Zayn just turned 14.

Anyways, my mom is standing by my door. I look at her and smile.

"Hey mom." I say.

"Hey sweet cheeks." She comes and sits beside me on my bed. She brings her hand into my curls and plays with them like she always does.

"How are you Pumpkin?" Mom asks.

I smile. "I'm okay mom, how are you?" I ask cheerfully.

Mom smiles and answers. "I'm wonderful sweetheart."

Then she brings me onto her lap, I don't protest.

"I love you, Sweetie." Mom tells me while hugging me. I hug back and reply. "I love you too. Mom."

Once we pull away mom looks at me and says. "Honey. I have something important to tell you."

"Sure mom. You can tell me anything." I say to her.

"Alright. Well. I'm gay." She tells me.

I grin and hug her. She hugs me back. "I'm so happy for you mom! Who's the lucky girl?" I ask cheerfully.

She pulls away from the hug and looks at me with a smile. "You aren't disappointed?" She asks.

"Of course not! I'd never be disappointed in you! I love you too much and I'm gay too." I tell her honestly.

She smiles. "I love you Harry. Thank you for telling me your gay. So do you have any questions for me?" She asks.

I shrug. "Tell me about the girl you like. Tell me everything" I tell her.

I move off of her lap and sit in front of her.

"Well. Let's see. Her name is Jay, Jay Tomlinson. And she was my best friend in high school. I always sort of liked her, but I never said anything. We both got married and well, stopped talking. We met up again and talked awhile back and got together, dates and all." Then mom stopped and looked at me. I smiled.

"Is this too much for you?" She asks.

That's just like her. She cares so much about me and makes sure I'm comfortable and okay with everything going on around me. If I whine or anything she takes it seriously usually. But somehow she knows when I'm kidding. Maybe it's a mom thing,

I love her for caring.

"No mom. I'm following, don't worry." I assure her. She smiles and nods.

"So we decided to take it further and move in together, her family and us two. Or, her kids and the two of us. She has 4 daughters and 1 son. Lottie is the oldest, she's 14, then Fizzy is 12 and the two twins, Daisy and Phoebe are 8. And her son is 18." My eyes widen, 18? Really. I hope he's good looking. Haha, I'm a flirt sometimes.

Mom stops when she sees me distracted. I look back at her to show I'm listening and actually listen.

"Louis is the name of her son. Jay tells me he's sweet, kind, caring, loveable, funny and that we'll like him. I didn't meet him yet, but I've met his sisters once before." I nod my head.

"We're also moving in with them. To a bigger house. It's new for both families. For them it's 4 hours away and for us it's 8 hours away. So we can pack today. The twins will share a room, Jay and I will also, Lottie and Fizzy are going to share a room and you and Louis will share" I smile and nod.

I hope Louis will like me.. Is all I think.

"Any questions?" Mom asks, I shake my head and smile.

"None Mom. You covered most and I'll find out stuff while I adjust anyways." I tell her.

"You are the perfect son, you know?" She says and hugs me.

"Thanks mom. Your the best too" I tell her.

We pull away. "Alright! Lets pack early? We leave in two days." She says, I smile. "Sure." I reply.

And we pack all our things.


- - - - - - - - - - -


Hello! How'd you like the prologue? Good, bad, okay? Tell me what you guys think!

Thanks! xxx

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