A part of me

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  • Publiceret: 24 aug. 2013
  • Opdateret: 23 aug. 2013
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They never know. They never see. The truth is this part of me.


1. A part of me

They think they know

They only see

The happiness as a part of me

Never sees the tears I hide

Only reads the words I write

I tried so hard to be loud and speak

My voice only small and weak

They will never see my skin so pale

From a darkness I couldn't put to sale

I always have to hide my face

Behind a mask so full in place

I always smile so wide in the lights

But at night it's just a different sight

My mind is lying

My thought are flying

I'm too tired to keep on trying

To keep up the fighting

I was way too sweet and trusting

Now I'm gone as nothing

Once there was this girl online

Blinded by her screen so fine

She have now come to an end

Without either a family or a friend

They never know

They never see

The darkness is a part of me.

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