Go To Sleep, My Love (an AndyxCC and JakexAshley love story) [english]



1. Chapter 1.

CC sits in the bathroom crying and takes his knife out and runs it against his wrists until he gets light headed and stops getting the bleeding to stop when he hears the boys coming home. Andy and the boys walks inside they're house laughing at the story Ashley just told ''OMG! H-He didnt did he?!?!?'' Andy asked between Laughs, ''yea he did'' Ashley said making the boys and himself laugh even harder. CC screams in agony before fainting and getting the blade all through his wrist. Andy hears a scream coming from the bathroom and runs to it. He sees CC laying on the floor in his own poodle of blood, ''CALL AND AMBULANCE GUYS!!'' he yelled and picked CC up in bridal style carying him to othe living room laying him on the couch. He takes off his shirt and wraps it around CC's wrist trying to stop the bleeding. Jinxx calls the ambulance and stays on the phone until they get there and take CC with them he gets all the boys in the car and speed to the hospital and runs to CCs room when they get there. Andy stays home and packs some of CC's clothes then he calls a cab and takes to the hospital. he runs to CC's room and walkes in. Andy breaks down crying when he see CC laying in the hospital bed almost looking dead with bandages around his wrist...

CC lays on the hospital bed and listen to all the boys crying and blaming them selfs, but he can't open his eyes or mouth to say that it's his own fault. Andy sits on the chair next to CC's bed taking CC's hand ''W-Why did u do it?! W-Why did u try to leave us?! WHY?!?!'' Andys body gets taking over by sobs and he lays his head down on the bed clutching CC's hand. CC tries to squeeze Andys hand and whisper "you wouldn't understand it" and breaks down crying. Ashley puts his hand on Andys shoulder ''hey, hes going to be alright man ok?'' Andy nodded not able to say anything cuz of the sobs. Jinxx runs over to CCs bed and screams "CC IS CRYING GUYS WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!" The guys looks at CC and Andy cries even harder ''W-Why?!?!?!?!??!'' He asked looking at CC trough tears. Jinxx yells "CC OPEN YOUR EYES PLEASE" and looks at Andy "I think he heard us blame our selfs for him almost dying’’. Andy gets up and mutters a quick ''i need to get some fresh air'' before running out of the hospital and to the nearest park. Jake gets up and runs after Andy and holds him back so he won't run any further away. ''Let go off me'' Andy cries not looking at Jake, Jake holds on tighter and says "not until you calm down".  Andy turns around and falls into jakes arms sobbing uncontrolably(SP?!) ''I love him Jake, I love my own fucking best friend!'' He says as he keeps sobbing into jakes chest. Jake holds Andy tight and says "I know the feeling I love Ashley as more than a friend but I know I won't have a chance with him".  Andy calms down a bit ''I really want to tell him but im scared if i does he'll hate me...'' he says and looks up at jake. meanwhile the boys calmed CC down and was waiting for him to tell them why he did it. CC looks at the boys and says "I-I" then he breaks down crying meanwhile at the park Jake says "just do it you'll never know if he likes you back if you don't at least try and tell him". ''What about Juliet?!'' Andy asks. ''You?!' The boys asks. CC stares at the hospital blanket "I did because off all the hate that I have gotten since I joined the band" meanwhile jake looks at Andy and says "listen to your heart and it will tell you the truth".

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