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  • Publiceret: 2 aug. 2013
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Jeg har skrevet nogle One Shots, nogle længere end andre. De er godt nok engelske men ja.. Har skrevet dem på iPhone så undskyld stavefejl!


4. They don't know about us (Liam One Shot)


"Dont you dare lie to me" the hand of a woman I thought I always could relye on, is hitting my cheek like the feeling of fire hitting your skin. I look back up just to see a disappointed face, staring at what is left of me. "I'm not lying I was at Nialls house". Lie . I know I shouldn't be lying, but I had no choice. If I told anybody where I really was all this time, they would kill me. "If I ever hear about you being with that girl again.." I interrupt her. " We're not together" , lie. I'm going straight to hell. I can feel it. Lie after lie, after lie. I should have stopped while I still could look my mom in the eyes, it's too late now. There's no way out. Besides, nomather what my mom, dad, or anybody says I won't stop loving her. The only girl I've ever looked at this way. It feels so right when I'm with her. People don't know about all the kisses we have shared, all the 'I love you's' and they should never know it. It's a secret between me and her. People don't want us together. Fair enough. But that's what they want. No one has actually asked us how we feel about the hate they give us, when we're together. As if they care. People are only thinking about them selfs in this world we're living in. Running into my old room, I lock the door and sits on the bed. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, and a picture of her appear on the screen. The first smile in hours, lands on my mouth and I can't help but call her. "We could do it. Run away. Buy our own apartment" as I'm waiting for an answer a stone is hitting my window. As I look outside in the garden, a beautiful creature appear. The smile on her face, makes it hard for me to breathe. As it always does. "Already bought one" she grins and hang up, as I open the window and making my way down the roof. "It should be the other way around you know. Me being outside your window." Her smile becomes bigger as she looks me in the eyes. "We're different then others Liam. It's not surpose to end like any other relationship" I smile and agrees with her. " so what's your plan?" I kiss her forehead softly as she giggles and takes my hand. "I found an apartment 100 miles from here. I have a car we can use?" I kiss her quickly as I nodd. "What should I do without you?" She's leans in to kiss me, which I appreciate, I'm to bussy looking around for people who could see us and tell my parents. As I turn my head, her lips hits mine in a soft kiss, I never thought I could enjoy more than the other times, she had done the exactly same thing. I push her closer to me an lock my arms around her. "Liam?" She looks up at me while wiping away a tear. "Yeah?" , she sits up and looks down at the ground. " I still don't get why people just can't be happy for us. I mean why don't your family like me? What have I done?" I lift her chin with two of my fingers and makes her look into my eyes again. "You just stole my heart, and my parents, your parents.. And pretty much everybody around us, can't handle the happiness we're spreading" I take her hand and sits down on the grass. "It's like Romeo and Juliet" I grin. They weren't supposed to be together either. Where they? And what kept them apart? Nothing. They loved each other enought to not listening to anybody" she squeezed my hand and sighed. "I'm just.. Scared. And I just wished I could show the world how much I love you." she held her breathe for a couple of seconds before she let all the bad energi that made her think negative , out. "Don't be. Just remember. All what people are saying are lies. They don't know about us" 

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