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  • Publiceret: 2 aug. 2013
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Jeg har skrevet nogle One Shots, nogle længere end andre. De er godt nok engelske men ja.. Har skrevet dem på iPhone så undskyld stavefejl!


3. Teenage Dream (Niall oneshot)


Every time I see her, I can't help it. I look at a perfect girl, that don't understand what she means to me. She lies down beside me, her dark hair covering her beautiful blue eyes, that lights up every room, just by entering the door. She's ready to go to sleep, which means she has taken off her unneeded makeup. I love seeing her all natural. It reminds me of the first time I saw her. In the swimming pool. Being there all by herself, no one to talk to. Me being to shy to talk with her. Memories. I grab her cam and start camming her hair. She giggles and starts telling me about her day. What could have been better, what was the best thing. And I just sit there and listen. I love when she tells me how her day went. It just shows that she trust me enough to tell  about the emotions that has been rushing over her the whole day. When she sings her favourite songs in the shower, that takes ages, but I don't comment on it, because I love listening to her . The soft voice with loving lyrics, makes me think of back when we sat there on the floor. Just playing guitar, we didn't care what people said. We were in our own little world , that no one could ruin. When she is running her fingers through my blonde hair, just to make me run after her. All the times we went on the beach just to feel cold water rushing up on our feet. To look at the stars, I always tell her reminds me of her. Beautiful, shiny, unforgetable. Before I met her, I wasn't happy. At all. It was like the same old routines. Going to work, eating , talking, sleeping. And then it became kisses once in a while, smiles all day long, laughs, hugs, other words for love. I always think of what people were saying about us. "They're  just two stupid teenagers in love", but I don't care. I'd love to be a stupid teenager in love, just as long as it is with her. I bought her a diamond ring, wanting to ask her something that I probably should have waited, but I thought it was time. And by the time the plans for the wedding went up, we were more in love than ever. I remember coming home from work one day, I wrote her a song. About what I like mostly about her. And I can't wait to play it to her. As soon as we get reunited in heaven.

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