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  • Publiceret: 2 aug. 2013
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Jeg har skrevet nogle One Shots, nogle længere end andre. De er godt nok engelske men ja.. Har skrevet dem på iPhone så undskyld stavefejl!


6. Summer Love (Harry One Shot)

I stand here. Again. In the middle of nothing, or what others call the dancefloor. Not that I have the need to go clubbing, but I have the need to see her again. I can't help but stare at the curly light brown hair that lies perfectly on her shoulders. The soft skin, perfectly tanned. Her face making her look younger. She's beautiful. Not like those models you normally would call beautiful. No she's beautiful in her own way. The way she moves, the way her eyes light up the room. I can't help it but looking at how it should be. I should be there, right by her side. Drinking, laughing, making her smile. I should take her home, making sure she's camming her hair, brushing her teeth, listening to the tunes that would make her beautiful eyes shut down to another peaceful night of silence, the only thing moving, her chest, with a heart of gold in it. She would never hurt anybody. Never be anybody else but herself. I should be running my fingers through her hair, kissing her softly, making her happy, which she's perfectly good at being, without me. Again she's just herself, she don't need a teenage dirtbag like me to brighning up her day. All she need is people around her, who loves her for who she is, which I've tried the last four days. I should make her, her favorite meal, just to earn another kiss. I should never leave her alone, and I should run after her even if she told me to leave her alone. I should hold her in my arms, tight, when she gets mad, and wants to hit me, just to show her that I care about her. I should take her to the theatre, watching a scary movie, so I could cuddle up with her and hold her hand in case she got scared. I should do what I'm afraid to even think of. We've been standing the same places, sitting on the same chairs, drinking the same drinks. Four days in a row. And she doenst even bother looking at what once where a normal acting guy who just wanted a girl to spend the night with. She makes me think about more than just one night stands. She makes me think of love, how beautiful it actually is. I now understand what I thought was impossible. That I have fallen in love with a girl I don't even know the name of or over all , know. I just want to make her laugh, to hear her voice talking to me, and not to those douchebags flirting with her. I take a deep breath and put down the glass filled with bad smelling alcohol that clearly has affected me quicker than usual. It's now or never. I take a step closer to her, and by the time I think about backing off, she's looking at me. The feeling of not having any air left, to breathe hits my like a lightning. Not that I can do anything about it, it's just how she makes me feel. I sence a smile on the beautiful soft lips, that is coloured with a light rosa colour. My lips starts to shake, my mind is somewhere far into her eyes, when a simple 'hi' makes my knees go weak. I take a deeper breathe than before and tries not to blush when I tell myself to ask her out. But nothing comes out. Not one single word. The warm feeling I get when her hand touches my shoulder makes me melt and a short moment later she puts her arm around me and helps me up on my feet and outside. " I think you need a break" she smiles bigger as i'm shaking on my way out the door , and out on the beach that by this time is dark. The cold water comming right from the deep blue ocean, finding my feet, and giving me chills. I burry myself in the warm sand and look up at the night sky. "It's getting hot in there" she grins and sits down beside me. Pulling her sweater over herself, she's looking at me softly and tries not to make me as nervous as before. "What is your name?" I take a deep breath and smiles. "Harry"

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