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  • Publiceret: 2 aug. 2013
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Jeg har skrevet nogle One Shots, nogle længere end andre. De er godt nok engelske men ja.. Har skrevet dem på iPhone så undskyld stavefejl!


5. Last first kiss (Louis one shot)

When she is coming towards me my lips starts to shake. How can she make me feel like this? We've been friends for a short time, a VERY short time, but still it's feels like I know her better than I know myself, which is quit a bad sign, when you look at it my way. People would normally say that this is a cute summer romance, but I see it as more than that. We can talk about everything. And even though it seems impossible, she has made quit an impression on me, on such a short time that I could just laugh. About how stupid this is. I can't like her. She's not the type I'll normally look for. I mean yeah she's beautiful, funny, sweet.. Cute.. Stop Louis ! You can't look at her that way! Besides, she's waaay younger than you. What are you even thinking? " Hi Louis" the warmth of the hug she is giving me is making me melting. How is this possible I ask again? "Hi" I try not to make it seem so obvious, just by smiling, but when she walks pass me and over to her friend the warmth is leaving my body and is leaving me cold, and miserable. "You alright mate?" I feel a hand on my shoulder, which makes my eyes run from her, to Zayn who is standing on my right side. He knows. How I feel about the situation. How I feel about her. He knows my plan. I need a kiss from her before I leave tonight. One way or another. Drunk or sober. I need to know she feels the same way about me. "Louis come here and see this! " Her eyes locked with mine, she's making me moving forward and on my way over to her, I'm stepping on something sharp so my feet starts bleeding. I laugh at myself. Stupid enough to not looking where I walk. Smart Louis. Smart. "Are you okay?" Looking up into her grey-blue eyes, I'm glad, I'm sitting down, and ain't standing, cuz otherwise I'll fall. I try to smile and nodd, not letting her help me up, on purpas. I'm not gonna let her making me feel like this. I want the power. "C'mon I'll find some ice." She puts her arm around my shoulder and helps me out to the kitchen. Alone. She shuts the door, and help me down on the floor, making sure the ice are sitting the right place. "Oh my god, I must have looked so dumb" I burry my head in my hands , which makes her laugh. "Yeah, you looked pretty dumb" the way she is teasing me makes me want her even more. She dares to laugh with me, not many girls dare to do that. "So mean you are" I grin and starts tickling her, which makes her laugh even louder. "Hey you two alright?" Zayn's voice coming from the kitchen door ruining our little moment, and making my smile disappear. "Yeah we'll be out in a moment" She grins and pulls down the safety box from the table. Putting a banding on my foot, she gets back up on her feet and gives me her hand. "C'mon" I smile and pull myself up with the support of her girly-strong arms. She's about to walk through the door, when I take a deep breath and pull her back close to me. "Louis what are you.." I lock my lips with hers, and takes her hand. For a short moment I leave her lips to say six words I never thought I woulds say to a girl I 'just' met . "I can't stop thinking about you"

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