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  • Publiceret: 2 aug. 2013
  • Opdateret: 2 aug. 2013
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Jeg har skrevet nogle One Shots, nogle længere end andre. De er godt nok engelske men ja.. Har skrevet dem på iPhone så undskyld stavefejl!


1. Give me love (one shot)


I try to understand her creature. But after thinking about nothing but her, two weeks in a row, it starts to seem impossible. I want to know more about her. I want to sit by her side every night, hold her hand, sing her lullabies, kiss her forehead, but she don't give me the chance. She looks at me like I'm an insect, like I have no youth in this cold world we are living in. And I guess she's right. I don't deserve a girl like her. She's way to clever to fall for a boy like me. But I need her love. And I need it now, before my world goes under, while I'm screaming her name out in the blue, even though I know she won't hear me. She don't care about me, which is why I don't get how I can feel this way about her. She don't even bother looking through my past and into what I am now. She doesn't care if I'm laying awake at four a.m, just thinking about her, because I ain't the air in her lungs, like she is to me. Said in a way that could make Jesus hate me. She don't give a fuck about me. Nomather what I'm doing to impress her, her feelings go in a different direction. She wants it to stay that way, but I don't. I need her kisses, I need her touches, I need her love. I need her. But nomather how hard I try to make her see these things, she pushes me away. I don't know if its my heart or just a voice in my head that tells me that she is something special. That we are ment to be. And nomather what she does, nomather what she feels, she ain't loosing me. I ain't gonna stop, trying to convince her that love actually exist.

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