The Last Of Us.

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  • Publiceret: 17 jul. 2013
  • Opdateret: 22 jul. 2013
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I’m not good at commas - don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.


1. Yoghurt.


We don’t need another hero, we don’t need to know the way home.


I pulled the curtains back and thought to myself wouldn’t it be nice to travel the world and don’t worry about the money when you come home. It was one of those I-wish-I-was-rich-thoughts. I snapped out of the thought and looked at the sky. It was normal day, even though I don’t know what normal is.  I walked over to the bed and made it. Damon walked in and said ”Grace i’m not home before midnight so please lock the door after you when you’re done.” ”Okay i will.” ”Thanks.” He left the room and i just stood there and stared at the door. I’m doing his laundry instead of being his wife. I love everything about him his hair, his cologne, his eyes, and his voice.  My friends kept on telling me that ”He’s nothing but a overclass brat.” ”Forget it sweetie, you’re doing his laundry.” But I didn’t listen to what they said, I know I don’t have the slightest chance.  I was done cleaning his giant penthouse and locked the door after me. I was standing right outside his front door and i looked around.  ”Holy crap this place looks like a hotel.” luckily there wasn’t anybody there so my embarrassing out-of-the-blue-statement wasn’t heard. ”Grace!” I quickly turned around and looked around. It was Lucy. She ran over to me. ”Hi what are you doing here?” ”What?” ”You live 20 streets away.” ”I was just shopping?” ”You live on Upper East Side this is Henry St. Where did you shop? Mini Market?” ”Ok, no i was just following this cute guy?”  ”You were stalking a guy?” ”Yeah, he might have boyfriend potential.”  I hid my face in my hands and looked over on Lucy. She shouted ”What?” ”Do you wanna share a cap?” ”Yeah, i live 20 streets away i’m not gonna walk.” ”Did you walk 2o streets before?” When I got home there was a note on the door. It said ”For gods sake Mrs. Helbig, keep your cat inside.” "Oh no Yoghurt left the building.” did i say to myself and laughed. I opened the door and checked my phone. 10 messages from Alex, I know they all are gonna be about Chandler leaving her again and that slut he’s with now. I don’t feel like getting a headache today, so I didn’t check them. I feel like i’m living in a episode of fucking Glamour. 

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