The Last Of Us.

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  • Publiceret: 17 jul. 2013
  • Opdateret: 22 jul. 2013
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I’m not good at commas - don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.


3. Louboutin

I looked over on the coffee table and i saw my phone ringing. I picked it up and it was Kevin, didn’t surprise me though. ”Hi.” ”Hi, i’m a bit confused i saw the note on my bedroom door?” ”Yeah, it’s true i’ve fallen in love with your nice ass.” He laughed and he said ”I’ve loved you since 5th grade.” There was a moment of silence.  He broke the silence and said ”How do we tell Alicia this?” ”What?” ”That we’re a couple.” ”We’re a couple?” ”Yeah?” I smiled. That night we talked over the phone until we both fell asleep with the telephone in our hands.  The next day we decided to meet Alicia on starbucks and tell her. ”So, what did you guys wanna tell me?” ”Well we’re couple.” Alicia looked like someone who’d seen a ghost.  ”You guys are a couple, congrats.” She finally got stammered.  We both knew that she didn’t like the idea of me and Kevin as a couple.  ”So are you seeing anyone?” I very silently asked Alicia. ”No, not at the moment.” Finally Alicia broke the ice.  ”Louboutin is launching a new shoe collection with a huge party next saturday and my boss gave me 3 VIP tickets.” Alicia is an aspiring designer.  I looked at her and said ”What is it you’re trying to tell us?” ”Do you wanna go?” ”Wait a second, why did Deena give you the tickets?” ”Because Christian’s personal assistant saw one of my designs!” ”Whaaaat?” Kevin just sat there and tried to understand what we were talking about, but no he gave up. ”Wow that’s so exciting congrats.” ”Thanks, so what’s your answer?” ”I WANNA GO!” ”And what about you Kev?” ”I’m not sure..people would think i’m gay?” ”No there’s actually a lot of straight men.”  ”Yeah they are all sitting in the bar.” ”Fine i’ll go.” The only problem was that i now had to do my makeup...something i don’t do very often. I’ll just get Alicia to do it for me.  When i got home, there was a note on my door it said

”LAST CHANCE!”  I went inside and looked after other apartments. 

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