All i want is you ( justin bieber )

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my first Movella.
the story is not done yet, and many more chapters are coming up. hope you like it. and if you'd like please leave a comment, critic or praise it doesn't matter i appreciate them all :)

the story is written in your point of view.
the story is about a girl going away for the summer. she is going to L.A with her best friend. they are going to a Justin Bieber concert together. but at the concert this amazing thing happens, everything she had ever dream't of is happening, and she couldn't believe it. that summer changes her life completely, her life is now as it never have been before ...


2. ✿ Trouble, Trouble, Trouble

After 4 hours of shopping, you were finally done. and i was totally done. my feet were hurting, and my hands were all red from carrying all those shopping bags.

''what does the time say?'' Sarah asked.

''it's 7:00 why'' i answered

''oh no we were supposed to meet Jeremy at 6:30'' Sarah grabbed my arm really hard, and almost dragged me across the floor.

''Sarah, wait my feet are hurting'' i wailed.

''stop wailing, we are 30 mins. late'' she looked at me like i was a little kid, and she was my mom.

''okay, relax grumpy cat'' i said.

when we stood in front of king cafe, we could see a whole bunch of people gathered around a group of boys. We walked closer, and Sarah dropped all her shopping bags. ''Jeremy'' she yelled while tears were rolling down her cheeks. It was Sarah's boyfriend and from what i could see he had been into a fight. 4 boys against Jeremy, poor him he was bleeding and couldn't get up. I ran over to Sarah and helped Jeremy get up on his feet.

''good that you have your girl to take care of you'' one of the boys said, laughed and walked away.

''What the hell are you thinking are you insane'' Sarah screamed of her lungs full force.

''Jeremy what happened?'' i asked, he just shrugged his shoulders and said '' it's nothing''

''boy, you must be crazy this isn't nothing'' i said in a kinda angry tone.

''let's go home'' Sarah said picking up her bags, and wiping her tears. 


''omg Jeremy, you can't even walk. it's like helping Sarah through the door when she's really drunk'' i said while helping him get through the door and into the house.

''it's really not that bad'' he said.

''stop saying that, you can barely walk, you have a blue eye, a big red nose and bruises all over your body'' Sarah said. 

''alright i'll get the first aid kit, and you...'' i looked at Jeremy and then at Sarah '' you, Sarah you can wipe the blood away from his face.. and yeah his body'' 

''WAIT, Vanessa i don't wanna do that, i hate blood'' Sarah whined. 

''his your boyfriend'' i said kinda singing. 

*2 hours later*

''okay finally done, my parents will be home soon, so get out of my house'' i said joking a little.

''alright just kick me out of the house'' Jeremy said.

''ahm... i think you have been kicked enough for today'' Sarah said and looked at me. i couldn't hold it in so i burst down laughing, and she did too. 

''Haha'' he laughed ironically, and walked out the door.

''well i better go too, i have to make sure he doesn't get beat up again'' Sarah said. 

'' i heard that'' Jeremy yelled.

i rolled my eyes and Sarah understood what i meant. 






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