All i want is you ( justin bieber )

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my first Movella.
the story is not done yet, and many more chapters are coming up. hope you like it. and if you'd like please leave a comment, critic or praise it doesn't matter i appreciate them all :)

the story is written in your point of view.
the story is about a girl going away for the summer. she is going to L.A with her best friend. they are going to a Justin Bieber concert together. but at the concert this amazing thing happens, everything she had ever dream't of is happening, and she couldn't believe it. that summer changes her life completely, her life is now as it never have been before ...


4. ✿ L.A here we come

I woke up by the sound of my alarm clock at 3 in the morning. i was about to turn off my alarm, but then i remembered, this is the day, a whole month in L.A. i was so ready, L.A here i come.

I got up, brushed my teeth, and took a quick bath. ''okay, time to choose an outfit'' i said talking to myself. I went through all of my old clothes in the closet, but chose to take some of the new clothes from the suitcase instead. I chose a gray tank top, black leggings, a leather jacket, and paired it with red low converse, and a carry on. When i got dressed, and done with doing my hair, and makeup i went down to the kitchen, and to my big surprise my mom had already made the breakfast. Pancakes, fruit, fresh pressed juice, and nutella.

''yum'' i said, licking my lips.

''and good morning to you too'' my mom said with a little laughter. 

''sorry mom, good morning. this breakfast... i love you mom'' i said, taking quick look at her while taking a pancake.

''well everything for my sweet little girl'' she said.

''mom i'm 17 and going to L.A alone, not so little anymore'' i said.

''that's right, but to me, and your dad you will always be our little girl'' she said, with a big smile on her face. 

*riiing* *riiing* the door bell kept ringing. i looked at my mom, and she looked at me.

''Sarah?'' she said with one eyebrow lifted.

''yup'' i answered.

i opened the door hugged Sarah, and her mom, and walked them into the kitchen.

''hi'' my mom said, and gave Sarah and her mom a hug.

''hi, long time ago'' Sarah's mom said.

''yes, I've been really busy lately. i bet you have been too, with all that renovation going on'' my mom said.

''yeah, really busy. and with work and all that.'' Sarah's mom answered, and was about to continue when Sarah interrupted her, ''no more talking, we have a plane to catch'' Sarah said tapping on her watch with one finger. 

And with that said, we all took our jackets, and suitcases, and left the house.


as soon as we got to the airport we checked in our luggage. And said goodbye to our moms.

''i'm gonna miss you so much sweetie'' my mom said, with a little tear rolling down her cheek.

''i'll miss you too mom. don't cry'' i said because every time my mom starts crying i do to. i knew that it was going to be the best trip ever, but not seeing my parents for so long is gonna be hard. i had never been away from them more than 2 weeks at a time.

When we were done saying goodbye me, and Sarah went to find our gate. when we had walked around the airport for 15 minutes like lost chickens, we could hear our names being called over the speakers, they had obviously opened for boarding 10 min. before time, and as confused as we now were, we panicked, and ran whatever direction we thought our gate was in. after 2 min. our names was called over the speaker again

''Sarah Johnson and Vanessa white please come to your gates, boarding will be closed soon''

and not ''soon'' like Justin's soon, it was soon as in really, really soon. ''Sarah i think our gate is over there come on'' i grabbed her arm, and ran with her over to the gate. when we got to the gate the ticket lady just smiled at us, and said: '' just in time, have a safe trip'' 

''we will, thank you'' Sarah said and smiled back. 


after a 5 hour long flight, we were finally in LAX. we got up quickly, and stood in line to get out. when we got to the exit we stopped, and Sarah started the song party in the USA, and...

 ''WE HOPPED OFF THE PLANE AT LAX'' we both sang really loud. Some people were laughing, and some were not but we didn't care we were in L.A. and this vacation was just to be enjoyed no hard feelings, and no fighting. 


we arrived at the hotel, checked in, and took the elevator up to find our room. When we got to door 223 Sarah opened it up, and ran over to a bed, without even carrying her suitcases into the room.

''dibs on this bed'' Sarah said. with a childish voice.

You took a quick look at the other bed and then at Sarah's,

''HA I GOT THE OUTLET BY MY BED, AND YOU HAVE NONE!'' i answered just as childish. 

she looked at me, and did the puppy face. ''don't do that, it doesn't work on me'' i said with imitating Sarah's voice. 

''Well, i got the view'' Sarah said trying to convince herself, that it was better than having the outlet by the bed. 


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