All i want is you ( justin bieber )

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  • Publiceret: 16 jul. 2013
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my first Movella.
the story is not done yet, and many more chapters are coming up. hope you like it. and if you'd like please leave a comment, critic or praise it doesn't matter i appreciate them all :)

the story is written in your point of view.
the story is about a girl going away for the summer. she is going to L.A with her best friend. they are going to a Justin Bieber concert together. but at the concert this amazing thing happens, everything she had ever dream't of is happening, and she couldn't believe it. that summer changes her life completely, her life is now as it never have been before ...


7. ✿ is this really happening?

''great'' he said, and led us up to his dressing room. 

''We can hang here for a while, or go to the nightclub where DJ Tay James is holding his afterparty'' he said. 

''yeah sounds cool'' Sarah quickly answered. Cause she knew that i didn't want to go to the nightclub. And i really didn't, i'd rather stay here talking to Justin all night, getting to know him better. 

''What about you, umm.. i think we forgot to introduce ourselves'' he said laughing a little.  

''i'm Vanessa, Vanessa White''  i said smiling. 

''Vanessa White, that's a cool name'' he said. smiling. i smiled back, and he continued his sentence from before:

''so Vanessa, what do you want to do?''

''i guess we can go to the after party'' i answered. i didn't want to disappoint Sarah, she had always wanted to be at one of DJ Tay James after parties. 

''ok then let's go'' he said grabbing his leather jacket. It was late, so it was pretty chilly outside. he opened the door for us, and we walked out to his car, or his limousine. we arrived at the nightclub, and it was so weird getting out of the car. So many people stood there screaming, and yelling Justin's name, and all the paparazzi this was really a once in a lifetime experience. Sarah got out first, then Justin, and then there was me. i got out and just stood there, while Sarah already had walked in to the nightclub. I hated being center of attention, and i guess Justin could see that, so he took my hand, smiled at me, and we went in together. when we got in he walked me over to a little room.

''here let me take your coat'' he said, helping me take it off.

''thanks, you are such a gentleman'' i said, actually meaning it, many people say that he is just this bad ass boy, but he had been nothing but sweet to me the whole time. 


While i was dancing with some girls, and Sarah at the nightclub, Justin walked up to me: 

''do you want to go, or stay?'' he asked. i figured he didn't want to stay anymore. 

''i guess if you are going, then we can go too'' i answered. 

''you guys can just go i'm staying a little more'' Sarah said dancing. 

'' are you sure, how are you going to get home?'' i asked her.

''don't worry i'll just take a taxi or something'' she answered. She wasn't that drunk so i guess she could get home by herself. I walked out the club with Justin, and when we got into the car i asked him:

''can you drive me to my hotel?'' 

''or you could drive home with me'' he said with a cute little smile. 

''no it's okay, i don't wanna be in the way or anything'' i said, in a calm way, but inside i was freaking out, please say that i'm not being in the way or something.

''no. come on, you are not in the way, i'm home alone, i need some company''. he said pushing his underlip forward doing the puppy face. why was everyone but me good at doing the puppy face. 

''okay, let me just send Sarah a text'' i said. 


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