All i want is you ( justin bieber )

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my first Movella.
the story is not done yet, and many more chapters are coming up. hope you like it. and if you'd like please leave a comment, critic or praise it doesn't matter i appreciate them all :)

the story is written in your point of view.
the story is about a girl going away for the summer. she is going to L.A with her best friend. they are going to a Justin Bieber concert together. but at the concert this amazing thing happens, everything she had ever dream't of is happening, and she couldn't believe it. that summer changes her life completely, her life is now as it never have been before ...


6. ✿ everything I've dreamt of.

This morning there was no ''fighting'', because we both knew that if we wanted to stand as close as possible to the stage, we had to be there early. We got dressed, did our hair, and put makeup. when we were ready we left the hotel, and took a taxi over to the staples center. when we arrived, we immediately went to our line, luckily there weren't so many before us. 

When the clock neared 5 pm. i could feel the excitement in our line, and every time a bus that looked like Justin's drove by, all the beliebers started screaming. When the doors finally opened, everything was a huge chaos, people pushing from behind, and screaming. when we got in, and away from all the chaos, we were pretty happy. We ended at the front row, we could touch the scene, and get a great view of Justin when he first comes on. We waited for about 2 hours for the warm up. when the warm up ended. the count down began. When it was down to 10 seconds, the whole crowd began counting with. ''10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 , oneeeeeee'' the whole center screamed. and BAM Justin came out on stage. 

''I can't believe we are finally seeing him in real life'' i yelled to Sarah.

''yeah, it's so unreal, like it's not even happening'' Sarah yelled back. i just nodded, yeah it was like a dream, unreal, but true, and happening right now. So just stop thinking, and enjoy the concert i said to my self. Of course in my thoughts, because saying it out lou.. dammit i'm doing it again. i immediately stopped, and began watching Justin's pure hotness sing on stage. 


''finally, they are about to pick the one less lonely girl'' Sarah squealed, while jumping up and down.

''yeah, but i really don't think it's gonna be one of us. they never go into the crowd, to pick a girl.'' i said. 

''yeah, yeah, you are always such a buzz kill'' Sarah said, with her eyes fixed to the scene.

I hated being a buzz kill, but it's the truth, it's impossible for them to go into the crowd, and pick a one less lonely girl. when the one less girl came on, and Justin began ''flirting'',  most of the girls got tears in their eyes including me, and Sarah, everybody wanted to be the one less lonely girl. 

When the concert was over, we went to the nearest exit to quickly get to the meet & greet, but unfortunately for us, the nearest exit was also the slowest. We waited forever to get out.

''Come on'' Sarah said almost crying.

''argh.. what if we miss our meet & greet with Justin, i mean we have waited to get out for almost 15 minutes now. i said

''stop saying that, we are gonna get there in time, and we are gonna meet justin in real life!'' Sarah said very specific grabbing my arm, and dragging me through all those people. 

''excuse me, hey, excuse me, we have a meet & greet we would love to get to'' Sarah said over, and over again, walking through the crowd. 

We finally got out, and walked over to the place, where the meet & greet were happening.

And the waiting time was there again, especially because we were the last ones in line.  It was finally our turn to take a picture with Justin Bieber, after 2 hours of waiting time. We walked into the room, and there he was Justin Bieber, JUSTIN BIEBER!. i froze, i couldn't walk any further, i just couldn't believe this, seeing Justin in real life has been something i have dreamt of since 2009. 

but before everything got too awkward, Sarah softly gave me a push into the room. 

''hey'' Justin said.

''hi'' Sarah answered back trying to flirt a little.

Haha who wouldn't do that, i mean it's Justin Bieber! he put his hands around me, and Sarah's waist, and our picture was taken. i wouldn't let my shyness take this amazing moment from me, so i asked:

''can i get a hug?''

''sure, always'' Justin said smiling. he hugged me, and i breathed in his lovely smell, just enjoying every second of it. and when it was over i got a little sad, this is it i may never feel his lovely hug again. i looked at him, and slowly walked away with Sarah. i turned my head again to avoid any awkward situations like walking in to something. But when i was about to leave i could feel someone grabbing my hand. i quickly turned my head and it was him Justin. 

''hey wait, i just wanted to, um ask you if you wanted to hangout or something'' he said. actually blushing a little.

I almost panicked, and froze,  but Sarah came to my rescue AGAIN. she gave me a little push with her elbow. i looked at her, and she gave me a look that said 'are you crazy, JUSTIN BIEBER just asked you to hang out with him, and you are just standing there saying nothing'

i looked at Justin again, and said ''um.. yeah why not''. 



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