Lady Gaga How I feel!


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This book is dedicated to my beloved Mother Monster
By Emma Kruse



There is a women I love,
she has been there for me, through everything
And her name is.. Lady Gaga


From being called a whore and a loser.
To being teased about my weight and my appearanc.
To getting laughed at because
 I an not smart enough.
To sorviving through all the gossip and all the name calling in school
To ignoring the hateful insults like when someone is telling you that "you can't" or "Will never" secceed


You ara the true friend that has always been there for me .
You are the person that will always understand me, even when everyone else around me may not.
I don't see you as a queen or a god. But a true friend someone I can turn to even in my drakest moments


I am not attracted to your fame. I am attracted to your genius: your "Artistry" as you call it.
I am a fan of the artist, The business women, the writer,
People think that you are Fake and Evil but.....
Your not!


To me you are loving, kind and generous!
 You are devoted, determined and inspiring!
You are selfless, accepting, strong and wram hearted.
You are reliable and humble.
You are compassionate, loyle and intelligent,
but above all you are BRAVE


You are brave because you never let anyone dimmer your spotlight
You have told me that neven though I may not feel like a winner, I am
You get on that stage and you holds nothing back


You are in control of your own destiny and you are never going to let enyone get in the way of your dremse


You said "any dreme that you have, you can achiev. It doesn't matter who you are, it's abovt how much you want it"
If you are hardworking and deremined enough you can accoplish any dream you have. Big or small


The message og being "born This Way" remings me that I am valuable and Beautiful in my own way


You have motivated me to look at myself, to explore, to be curious, to be proud and most importantly : to Believe


You said "you have to change every day to finde the best part of you, so that you can be happier"
I have learned to be myself, to be my hair and to not care what others think of me especially those who have teased or bullied me before


Bullying is for losers after all

 I need to become the more mature and intelligent person and continue to spread a message of compassiob and tolerance
To make my struggles something that I am proud of instead of something that I am are ashamed of.
One day you and i will show the people who have tormented and bullied us before
what amazing indivduals we have become
How we didn't let their insults pervert us from becoming who we are destined to be


160.000 kids stay home from school every day because of fear of getting bullied at school
60% of teenagers have experienced racial and reilgious discrimination
It's estimated that 500.000 teenagers try to kill themsefl every year and about 5000 succeed
Mosters are her to make a changs


You Said "changing the world is just as easy as dying your hair"


One og the most powerful qualities about us is that we are unlike any other fanbase

You have created a family where I can be who ever I want to be
 Some of us don't have friends or a family who can cammunicate with the family you have created is the only one we can turn to


You have brought amazing friends into my life from all over the world

Who all beileve in creating a braver and kinder world
When you hear stories about one of us getting kicked out of our homes because of our sexual orientetion.
 Or that we are suffweing from depression you listens to our struggles and you do something about it.


You toke it a step forward by bringing the Born Brave Bus to the balls

The Born Brave Bus is a place where monster can hange out together before the ball
You has also created a safe website for us called is a place we can opload our works and inspire your and your Artistic.


We never feel alone when we are at one of your concerts, we feel completely free and surrounded by love.


ARTPOP is completly differnt from any of your albums
But the massage of being "Born This Way" will never disappear.Instead it will live on forever as a constand reminder for us all
Because  I'm beautiful in my way 'Cause God makes no mistakes I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way


You started a campign called
Body Revalution 2013
to help people accept their bodies no matter what
Society should not factor into what we think of ourself


Let's make sure that the next generation suffers less then us


We should not fighe what we see in the mirror but embrace what we see Emase the word Fat and Ugly and replace them with


When you is happy I am happy
I know that you will never let me down.


Some fans may betray and ridicule you behind your back
But I will forever be a little monster
Loyal monster like me will stand by your side to the
Edge Of Glory


I will never stop fighting for you no matter what and I hope you will make music for the next 50 years.
No one can destroy the kingdom is the little monsters
There is one women that I can't possibly i magine my life without and her name is
Lady Gaga


I Love You Gaga


Love from the biggest little monster in the world
Emma Kruse

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