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this story is about a girl named anna potter (harry potters sister) and anna potter falls in love with liam payne from the band one direction but then after anna and liam get together Anna finds our she actally a demigod! Things are not what it seems as anna thoght she was a wizare and daughter of Lilly and James but now knows her real parnets are Percy and Annabeth! What will happen when she finds out? (BTW this turns into a Percry jackson fanction at "mudblood?'") Read to find out! (Harry Potter,One Direction,and Percy Jackson fanfiction)


4. oh yeah I forgot!

Yesterday was our first day at hogwarts and also the day Liam asked me out!Me and Hermonie were up all night talking about it! (flashback) "so.... he asked you to be his girlfriend???" Hermonie asked kindof suprised that the Liam Payne asked me to be his girlfriend "yeah I couldnt belive it ethier!" I answered. We talked about Me and Liam untill they called lights out. Before they could call lights out hermonie said something that really got me thinking "Hay anna I thought Liam already had a girlfriend before he decied to come to hogwarts?!?" That is the comment that I could not responed to. That night I couldnt sleep because I was up all night wondering why Liam would cheat on his other girlfriend and me.The next moring I was already up changing into my hogwarts robe when I heard a knock on the door. I buttoned the last button and opened the door.......... It was my brother Harry." I heard what happened I was kindof snopping last night" Harry said while looking me in the eye "everythings fine Harry and I know I could hear you outside our door" I answered while exiting out the door to go to breckfast "and im also sorry that I was mad at you guys Its just I kindof knew this would happen.... it happens to all us "potters" "  He said to me while I was walking down to breckfast.When I got down there Ron and Harry were already eating (as always) and Hermonie was later than usally. During our first class Liam sat beside me and suprisely Harry let him. Halfway through the lession Liam passed me a note that said 'Hay babe' I just rolled my eyes and throw the note back at him. He looked kindof confused and I think he could tell I was mad at someone he just didnt know who or that it was him. He passed me a note agian, this time it said 'what was wrong with you today babe' I just looked at him and wrote 'Whats wrong? WHATS WRONG! YOUR CHEATING ON ME!' and throw it back at him. Thats when it was time for our second class and when I was walking out of class Liam graped me by the arm and said " what do you mean 'cheating on you' " He asked. It took a while for me to respond but I finally said " I know you had another girlfriend before you came to hogwarts! Then you wanted to date me and I said yes forgeted you had a Girlfriend. So therefore you are cheating on me and her!" "Anna I should have told you this before I asked you to date me but I broke up with her because she was secertly cheating on me! I hope you"ll forgive me" He anwered. " I forgive ya honey!" I answered. After all our classes I told all my friends and his friends that we forgave each other and that we were dating agian.

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