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this story is about a girl named anna potter (harry potters sister) and anna potter falls in love with liam payne from the band one direction but then after anna and liam get together Anna finds our she actally a demigod! Things are not what it seems as anna thoght she was a wizare and daughter of Lilly and James but now knows her real parnets are Percy and Annabeth! What will happen when she finds out? (BTW this turns into a Percry jackson fanction at "mudblood?'") Read to find out! (Harry Potter,One Direction,and Percy Jackson fanfiction)


1. A new band??!!

Hello my name is Anna Potter im 14 years old and live with my aunt and uncle. My brothers name is Harry Potter and he is super overprotective. Our parents where killed before i was born. So thats the main reason we live with our Aunt and Uncle which is not the best place in the world!!!! Like just the other night  i was gonna to bed when my uncle called me into the living room. (Flashback) "Goodnight Harry!" I said to Harry while laying down "Goodnight Anna!". Thats when i heard my uncle call my name! "ANNA GET IN HERE NOW!!!!" he yelled to me "what do you want?!?" I said kindof sleppy " theres a spider!!! KILL IT!!!!" 'is that really why he woke me up' i thought "ok fine, there" i responed while walking off to my room "where do you think your going " my Uncle called from behide me "to bed..... its 11:12" i said while slamming the door behide me. (End of flashback) Anyway we are not your normal family (and im talking about me and Harry because I dont like to call my Aunt and Uncle "family") we are wizards and we go to hogwarts and the only friends we really have are Ron and Hermonie . Specking of which we got any email from them to check out this new band called "One Direction" my brother and Ron dont really like them but i kindof think  Liam Payne is hot. He would never fall for me though because im just a normal wizard girl . Besides im not really his type and he has a girlfriend. Sometimes I wish I was famous so i could date some really hot celbarys. My brother on the other hand doesnt aproove of this band or me wanting to change my life.                                                    A/N  : I KNOW THIS CHAPER ISNT REALLY GOOD BUT HANG IN THERE IT WILL GET BETTER :)                         

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