Love or not

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  • Publiceret: 30 okt. 2013
  • Opdateret: 19 aug. 2019
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det er min første digt, håber i kan lide det


7. Friend or Love?

I have always been, that kind of girl, who needed love
but can you give me that?
we talk, we flirt, and you say you love me
but don´t know if I believe you
You say that you want me, but here we are and nothing
we confuse each other
what do we do?


People say I am crazy for liking you
but you are I my heart, I don´t know if that is god or bad
every time I see you, I think about if we are doing the right thing
I know that I want to try to see if we have a connection
We talk a lot, we snap and I like it
So I really hope we can figure things out…


But there are still one thing on my mind
You know about my past, my heart breaks
So what I am trying to tell you is that
I am afraid of getting hurt again
That you only want one thing from me
Just tell me and show me that I am more than that
That you want me, for who I am and for what I can do for you.

I miss you
And of cause I love you, you´re not just a friend
these feelings are driving me crazy, in a good way
Tell me do they drive you crazy too?
Or do you just think of my like friend?  
I really hope you don´t

I like you :D 

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