Forbidden Love

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What if Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy had met on the train to Hogwars. What if they had promised to be friends no matter what house they were sorted into. What if their friendship turned into a romance? But how would their parents react to this sudden relationship? Would they approve, and let their children see each other in a romantic way, or would they let their past get involved, and forbid their children to see each other?


1. All aboard the Hogwarts Express!

It was Rose Weasley's very first day going to Hogwarts, she was extremely excited. She had always dreamed about going to Hogwarts. She grew up listening to stories of her parents time at Hogwarts together, and all the adventures they'd go on, including Uncle Harry of course. As she entered platform 9 3/4 with her parents Ron and Hermione and her little brother Hugo. She glanced around the platform with a huge smile across her face.

"This way! This way!" Hermione guided as she pushed her way through the crowds.

Rose noticed that her shoelace was united. She sighed as she knelt down to tie it. Once she had finished, she hopped up, and brushed the dirt of her knees.

"Hi." A young boy with shaggy blond hair, about the same age as Rose said.

Rose turned to face him. "Hello."

"I'm Scorpius, and you are?" The boy said as he held out his hand for Rose to shake.

Rose took hold of his hand. "Rose. Rose Weasley." She said with a smile on her face, very similar to the way her father had said his name when he and her mum met for the first time. Except, her mouth wasn't full of food.

"That's a nice name" Scorpius grinned slightly.

"Thanks-" Rose began, but could hear her parents calling for her in the distance. "Look- I have to go.. Um, I'll see you around." And with that, Rose left. Getting lost in the crowd.

"Bye." Scorpius mumbled under his breath.




"Who was that you were talking to?" Hermione questioned once Rose caught up with them.

Rose was slightly out of breath, she waited till she caught her breath before she began to speak. "No one. Just a guy." Rose said simply.

"Rosie's got a crush!" Hugo teased.

"I do not!" Rose objected, as her cheeks turned a slight shade of crimson.

"Rosie's got a crush! Rosie's got a crush!" Hugo sang as he ran in circles around Rose.

"Stop it!" Rose yelled angrily, as she shoved Hugo, who nearly fell over, but managed to catch his balance.

"Rose! Do not push your brother!" Hermione said, raising her voice.

"But I don't have a crush!" Rose said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Rose, it's okay if you like a boy. No one's going to judge you." Hermione knelt down making eye contact with Rose.

"Unless he's a Malfoy. Stay away from them if there are any." Ron finally spoke up.

"Oh Ron. Please if Draco did have any children, I'm sure they'll be different than their father was. And if Rose wants to be friends with a Malfoy, that's her decision." Hermione stood up on her feet again. "Now on the train before you miss it."

Both Hermione and Ron hugged their daughter and watched her get on the train.

Rose waved goodbye as she walked off to find a compartment to sit in. She managed to find one with her cousins; James, Albus, Dominique, Molly II, and Fred II.

As Rose was about to step into the compartment, she heard someone calling her name, she turned around to see Scorpius running in his direction.

"Rose, I was wondering if you wanted to sit together."

"I was going to sit with my cousins, but you can join us if you want." Rose said with a wide smile.

"Yeah, sure!" Scorpius smiled back.

Rose lead the way into the compartment, and took a seat next to Albus.

"You guys don't mind if Scorpius sits with us, do you?" Rosed asked everyone.

"No, of course not!" Everyone answered together.

Scorpius took the seat across from Rose and next to James.

They sat in silence for a few moments as the train pulled out of the station, until James started conversation. "So, Scorpius is it? What house are you in?"

"Um... I haven't been sorted yet. Today's my first time going to Hogwarts... But I'm hoping to be in Slytherin."

"Slytherin, eh? How exactly do you know Rose.. If today's your first day, and it's Rose's first day too."

"James! We met at the station! Leave him alone!" Rose snapped.

"Calm down Rose. James' is only tryin' to see if he's a good guy is all." Fred spoke up.

"Exactly! So Scorpius, whats your blood status?"

"James!" Rose cried.

"Pure-Blood." Scorpius mumbled. "So, what houses are all of you in?"

"I'll be the one asking the questions, thanks." James said with a smirk.

"That's it!" Scorpius, let's get out of here!" Rose said as she stood up, and dragged Scorpius out of the compartment with her. 

"What was that for? You embarrassed her!" Dominique said once Scorpius were out of earshot.

"I was just trying to see if he was a good guy for Rose to be hanging out with. Clearly not though... Filthy Slytherin lover." James sighed as he put his feet up on his truck, that sat in front of him. 

"James, I'm with Dom on this one, that wasn't very nice of you. What if this guy really is a nice guy, and Rose really likes him." Molly spoke up.

"Of course he's not a nice guy, he wants to be in Slytherin. I just don't think Rose should be hanging out with him."

"Just because he wants to be in Slytherin, doesn't make him a bad person." Said Dominique.

"Oh yeah? Says who?"

"Dad!" Albus finally spoke up.

"Al, what are you talking about?" Asked Fred.

"My dad told me that I'm named after a Slytherin and he wasn't a bad guy at all! He was just misunderstood!" 

"Don't believe everything you hear little brother." James said with a joking smirk on his face.




"What was that all about?" Scorpius asked as Rose and him searched for an empty compartment, finally managed to find one, and stepped inside. 

"I'm sorry. James is an idiot. Don't listen to him."

"Oh, that;s fine.. So Rose, you never told me what house you want to be in."

"Well, I suppose I'll be in Gryffindor. My whole family for generations has been in Gryffindor.. But I suppose Ravenclaw wouldn't be too bad."

"What if we get put into separate houses? Would you still want to be friends?"

Rose sighed. "Of course! I'm not like James. He believes that all Slytherins are bad people.. But I know that, that's not true."

"Well that's good! I like being friends with you!" Scorpius said with a smile. 

"I like being friends with you too!" Rose said as she began to blush. 

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