Just Imagines. (1D)

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  • Publiceret: 18 jun. 2013
  • Opdateret: 24 aug. 2013
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Jeg vil bare skrive nogle 1D imagines.. xD♥
Håber i vil glo!


10. Zayn!

You and Zayn had your 5th anniversary, and he booked you a trip to the Caribbean. It was amazing to have two full weeks without fans, media and work – Just the two of you. The day your actual anniversary Zayn acted weird, he’d been a little ‘off’ for the whole trip and you couldn’t quite figure out as to why and when you asked he hurried changing the subject. You were having a special dinner on the patio of your big and luxurious suit. Zayn came into the bedroom where you were getting dressed, “you look beautiful, babe” he smiled and kissed you. “Aw. Thank you” you kissed him back, “-But hey tell me, Is there something wrong? You’ve been acting a little strange.. Have I done something or?” you tilted your head and asking concerned. Zayn cupped your cheeks and kissed you, “You’re amazing… Follow me” he smiled and dragged you outside. “Oh my.. Zayn It’s amazing” you said bob smacked seeing all the rose petals and candle lights on the floor. “Go closer.. Can you see it?” he led you closer to the lights. You looked at Zayn with wed eyes as you’d just read “Marry me?” written in candles. He got down on one knee and took a velvet box out of his pants, “____, we’ve been together for 5 amazing years, and I can truly say they’ve been the 5 years of my lfe. I can’t live without you, so will you do me the honer of marrying me?” he smiled nervously and opened the box. “Yes” you cried as he puts the ring on your finger and got up to kiss you. “I love you so much Zayn” you hugged and kissed him, “I love you too, ____”.

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