Just Imagines. (1D)

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  • Publiceret: 18 jun. 2013
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Jeg vil bare skrive nogle 1D imagines.. xD♥
Håber i vil glo!


9. Liam ♥

You were sitting on the couch with your boyfriend of three years being bored as ever scrolling down your Twitter feed. “I’ve got it!” Liam suddenly yells and jumps up, “What is it?” You ask startled by his sudden behavior he runs out of the room and comes back with his laptop. “Twitcam!” He says setting his laptop on the coffee table and tweeted:

‘Y/T/N and I are about to do a twitcam in five minutes, come and watch us act like idiots! : )’

You giggled at the tweet because you knew it was true, you guys would probably act like idiots but you didn’t care. Soon the five minutes passed and you set up the twitcam. You crawled off the couch and on to the floor, Liam gave you a confused look but then understood. “Live from London England it’s Liam Payne and drum roll please…. Y/N!!” Liam says in his X Factor announcer voice you pop off the floor and start bowing to the invisible audience.

“Thank you, thank you.” You say and keep bowing Liam just laughs. “Taznummi_1D thinks we are the cutest couple ever.” Liam says pointing to the screen. After a while you find yourselves getting hungry so you leave Liam to the twitcam to go to the store to get snacks. When you get back you come into the living room to see Liam whispering secretly to the screen. “Hi Li.” You say getting yourself noticed.

“Oh hey Y/N, I was just telling them how much I love you.” He says but you can tell he wasn’t telling the truth but you chose to ignore it. It comes to the end of the twitcam and Liam starts to get really nervous. “Before we end this twitcam I have something to ask you.” He says nervously, “What’s up?” You ask starting to get nervous yourself.

“You see, you make me so happy and I don’t know what I’d do without you. I can’t imagine ever breaking up or anything, but I can imagine spending the rest of my life with you.” He says kneeling down before continuing on. “All I need to happen is for you to say yes to being my wife Y/N.” He takes a stunning diamond ring out of his jean pocket.

You are speechless, all you can do is cover your mouth and choke out tears. Then you remembered that you had to answer him at some point, still speechless you just nodded and he slid the ring on your right ringfinger and embracing you in a big hug.

You turn back to the computer and hold up your right hand so they can see the ring, “Do you guys like it?” You ask tears still sliding down your cheeks. You called your family and told them what just happened, they were all so excited you called the boyd too and they almost burst you guys’ eardrums because they were yelling so loud into the phone.

The rest of the night you just sat on twitcam answering questions and thanking the fans who told you congratulations.



Heeej. Ved ik hvorfor men har det lettere med at skrive imagines på engelsk så det tror det bliver på engelsk fra nu af.. Men der kan godt komme  nogle danske hvis det skal være.

Og der skal nok komme nogle imagines med Zayn og Liam!! X

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