Just Imagines. (1D)

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  • Publiceret: 18 jun. 2013
  • Opdateret: 24 aug. 2013
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Jeg vil bare skrive nogle 1D imagines.. xD♥
Håber i vil glo!


8. Igen en med Harry. ♥

Since the start of your relationship, you had complained to Harry about wanting a puppy. And his reply would always be something along the lines of, “Maybe in a few months, babe.” As much as that irritated you, you went on with life without a puppy. You continued telling Harry how badly you wanted one of your own and every time you two passed by dogs, you pouted to him, “Aw, Haz, look at that one,” you’d say. When Liam and Danielle got Loki, you were so happy because you finally knew someone who had a dog and so you were over at their place most of the time now. On the eye of your birthday, Danielle had asked you to put on some comfortable clothes because she wanted to go window shopping. As you two walked down the street, she led you into a building with no lights. “What are we doing, Dani?” You asked, but she didn’t reply. You continued to follow her until she stopped and flickered on the switch. As soon as the lights turned on, you saw Harry holding onto a beautiful puppy, “Ahh…” you let out clasping your hands over your mouth. Harry smiled at you and said, “Happy birthday, babe! I hope you like your present!”

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